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Monday, June 20, 2005

It's been awhile

Well, it's been quite a bit, I'll admit. Though, I suppose I've been fairly occupied this month. The chatroom I'm now frequenting pretty much screams out the reason why I totally forgot about this - it's hectic, and I'm on there all the time, ha. I've met a good 30 people, and really, it's mostly the reason why I've been as busy as I am. Granted, it's not all I've been doing. Just a good portion of what I've been doing..

Anyhow, I've been having a couple of ideas regarding a website. They have since, however, diminished due to half of the crew being more absent than anything. I'm not entirely sure if I'm still up for it, but the 5 pages of text I've written is just screaming to be finished.. But it can wait. Well, hopefully, anyway.

But yeah, that's pretty much the sum of everything. In between, there's been a fair amount of angst from me, but given the situation, it seems common.

Is it?..

Yeah, well, that's unneeding of an answer since the predicament is nothing short of.. SOLVED. Or something similiar to that, anyway. I should've posted some weird rant about how I couldn't get out of my house this morning, but you guys'll live. Unless you want to hear about bizarre dental floss and freakishly-messed-up senior citizens...


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