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Sunday, February 3, 2008

   Fatal frame is almost too scary....-sweat drop-
Persona 4
Hey guys! I'm feeling better today. As you can tell i changed my site again. It's dedicated to Naruto and Sasuke's friendship. I made the background...is it good? Yeah the background is obviously to big because on my screen i only see a few spikes of naruto's head when it was suppose to be all of his back too. Oh well i will work on it later. So how is everyone?

Let's see well not much has been going on here. I have only been watching Naruto shippuuden and also playing Naruto: Rise of the Ninja. Yeah i have been so addicted to Naruto lately. Yeah not much to talk about but i wanted to update for some reason. Well i will go visit now! Bye!
deep in thought

Sasuke-"What are you?!"
Naruto-"Your friend!" -From Naruto of course
naruto sasuke icon
Naruto, Sasuke

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