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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

well if you go to my last post and you read the comments you will find a person whose username is "shugoisadumbass" well that person is lil_angel. i can recognize her atrocious grammar lol. she said that i posted 10 thread about me dying and stuff. well my my friend created that forum. and i felt that everyone was nice enough so i told them my life story. and then i found out there were bitches like lil_angel. she got mad at me becausemy friend posted that she will cry if i leave she said it was "fake" well it may be fake but at least she tried to help me and that shows that she was sincere. lil_angel thinks that everyone online is fake. she thinks everyone online is a liar. you should go read her comment its funny. well her friend caramella is also really stupid. she thinks that everyone who believes these stories are stupid. well people who believe these stories are sincere and want to try to help. all of you who read my posts know that i am not lying. why would i lie? there is no reason for me to lie. i am telling everyone my problems because i believe that is better than keeping it all inside. i trust you all that is why i am telling you this. its funny because in the comment thing in my last post there are 5 comments. 3 of them supporting me 1 thanking me and one just bashing on me. the 3 people that supported me are really nice people ^^ they are: Inuyasha311, Vampiremage666 and fireice demon. they supported me ^^ the one thanking me was chiithecutey because i went to her site to try to help her. i am a really good person to those who are kind to me. i am a really loyal friend. but then people like lil_angel and caramella are the ones who made me turn my back on everyone well i wont believe them no more. 1 out of every 5 people are like her but that means that mostly everyone is sincere. i now know that. i will not turn my back on anyone anymore. i will just move and and forget all those people who have hurt me. i will be smarted than them and i wont let them get to me. they are stupid and i am not. i will not suffer any longer. i will move on i will suceed. wow i have made many changes i now have my self esteem back. i am finnaly gettiong out of the darkness. i am finnaly reaching happyness. and i would like to thank everyone who has supported me ^^ i will not be depressed anymore. i will move on. i have learned that not everyone are fuckers. i am stronger than them. hehehehe i am happy and they are not. they are trying to make me feel sad but it doesn't work anymore. hehehehe thank you everyone oh and readthe comments down there in my last post.
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