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Monday, January 10, 2005

well i am still confused but i found out something. that caramella and lil_angel are stupid sluts. they called me a pity whore WTF. lil_angel doesn't believe that people online are sincere or good. she doesn't believe in online friends. even tho she has some. she says that online friendship is fake. she is fucking stupid. i have had many online friends. i am still making online friends. they are nice to me. she is just self obsorbed. she also wants credit for everything. on invisionfree forums she is going around asking for credit about some idea that wasn't even hers to begin with. she thinks everyone is like her and wants everyone to be like her. she is dumb. well caramellas problem is that she wants to proves everyones total stupidity. she wants to make everyone else feel bad so she can feel superior. its quite funny. she is the pity whore. her definition of pity whore is someone who makes up stories so they can get attention. she says she made up the killing the cat post. she wanted attention. she is the pity whore. she also said that she was showing how gullible people are. WTF!!!! not everyone is a liar like her. she thinks everyone believes what they are told. lil_angel and caramella are the stupidest ho's around. both of them think everyone lies and are stupid. the people who believe stories are those with a good heart. people believe me because they have a good heart. they didn't believe me and then they called me a pity whore. sheesh. they are stupid. they think i am lying about my problems. why would i lie? i tell the truth because i think everyone deserves a chance to know me. they are the type of people that made me go crazy in the first place. they are the people i want to kill. but i wont stick down to their level. they are pity whores and i am not. hehehehe this is the first time i dont put myself down hehehe wow i am sure changing a lot ^^
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