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Friday, January 7, 2005

Wow, today was awesome. well in my forum i made a new friend. he is really cool and really nice. he is 19 but he is really nice. well that was not the reason i am saying wow. the reason i am saying wow is because my g/f called me. she rarely calls me and the last time we talked on the phone was about 1-2 months ago. i really missed her voice. i really love her cute voice. it really made my day awesome. well now i believe her. i was having some problems about not believing her but now i do believe her and i love her more than ever. i love her sooooo much. I was doubting that she loved me. i have had doubts but that is noit a problem anymore because talking to her cleared my mind and showed me the truth. she does love me. she loves me a lot. i was doubting that but now i say it confidently ^^. well today was awesome ever though yesterday i was truly evil.
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