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Monday, January 3, 2005

   I am pissed!!!!!
here is the post i read:

"I just recently had to get over a loss in my life. I lost my bird. After that I lost all respect for animals seeing as they just die on you anyways. My friend Micky let me borrow his mouse, Robbie, one time. I dangled Robbie over my snake's cage for two days. Just watching it squrim for its life, terrified of the snake below; The amount of fear it was experiencing was almost erotic. Then I put Robbie back in his cage. That was only the beginning.I killed a stray cat I found out on the road once. I took a brick that was near me, picked it up and with one quick motion the cat's head was nothing but fur and blood and small pieces of bone. The rush it gave me was wonderful. Feeling the excitement of taking a heavy object and smashing it's skull, hearing the last sound it will ever make, was beautiful. Just last week I saw a dying racoon on the street that had its legs run over
and it was trying to move, so I walked over to it, and placed it right in the middle of the lane. It was great.

I have a problem though.
I have a really hard time removing the blood stains off my band t-shirts. Is there a specific brand of detergent that I can use to remove the stains?

Thanks a lot!!"

here was my reply:

"I F****** hate you. how could you kill poor defenseless animals. you are a F****** retarded b****. you are just F******* stupid. you love to see others suffer. you are sooo f****** sad and pathetic. why dont you go kill your family members huh? why dont you. why dont you go kill your mom? why dont you kill your dad? you are just a f****** pathetic little bitch. you just take advantage of animals. why dont you make yourself suffer. you are afraid to suffer because you are alittle b****. you were calling me stupid. you are the F****** stupid one getting off on animals suffering. you should just go kill your parents if you love to see suffering. go kill them. GO KILL THEM NOW!!!!!!!!! you are just one pathetic b****. if you truly love to see the suffering you should go kill your parents. but you wont cause you are afraid. you are afraid of suffering. you then take it out on defenseless animals. that is the most pathetic thing.

I have put asteriks as to not break the rule of no cussing."

All you animal lovers out there doesn't this piss you off? i am an animal lover. i love and adore all animals. doesn't this person sicken you? its really fucking sad. people like this make me sick!!!!!

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