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Just so ya know, I love FullMetal Alchemistand Tactics. Black Cat and Bleach come at a close second... ^_^
Favorite characters:
FMA---> Edward! (He's afraid to admit his height deficiency)

Tactics---> Kantarou! (The money-grubber of cuteness)

Bleach---> Hanataro! (This face just screams" adorable"!)

Black Cat---> Train! (I must be a sucker for gold eyes...)

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Friday, December 28, 2007

KYAAAH! Happy Birthday, Yosei-sama!!!

Hey, everyone!
Today, the 28th, is Yosei's 19th birthday!!! You can reach him under TheDarkAngel. ^_^

Happy Birthday, love!
<3 Niko-chan (ShrimpyAlchemist)

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