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Hideo. My name is Middy, Mids for short. I am a freshman in Savannah college of Art and Design!

I am the quiet type that remains distant until I feel comfortable about people then I love to do goofy stuff (on constant sugar rushes) but I feel even though I'm hyper I'm very loyal though can be a tad clingy.^-^

I like to draw and write in my spare time while listening to 'Nightwhish' 'HIM' 'The Used' and 'Evanescence' or watching/listening to Youtube XD

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I wish there was a crying icon... I've been trying to update my Dio for over an hour and it keeps giving me error!!! T.T I was so happy that I was going to update a few pages....Stupid database *kick*
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Monday, July 16, 2007

yay I havent done a post in like what.. a year, pretty much BLECH!
well to be honest I just figured out how to post again XDD LAME ME!


my new manga "Takuto, to be like you" is up please check it out andenjoy! Dio will be running again soon. I have soooo many things to do on top of my own fun stuff!

Well byes for now peeps! OH YES PS Next week ther ewill be no hearing from me for I will be in Disney World and Universal. I will return on the end of July!

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Friday, November 24, 2006

   I'm back
I have returned from my first quarter in college. I am here to stay until January the 5t. ^-^ College was fun but the finals were a bitch but I seemed to have a good response on my projects so I am not too worried hehe.

I will be working but I will be here once in a while to say hi, so don't be shy and stop by some time!

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