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こんにちは 皆さん! Thanks for visiting. I'm not really good at website stuff, so don't expect too much. ^^ Also, I'm usually fairly busy...I don't get online too much >.< Well, for right now, it would be great if you could sign my guestbook, check out some of my artwork (let me know what you think) and visit my friends!

This was brought to my attention a while back: I would like all visitors to know that I DO NOT COPY images. I learned how to draw by referencing a picture. I'm a perfectionist, so what you see in my portfolio is the result. ^_~ But I'm getting away from that and working on my own characters now, so hope you enjoy!

Thank you again for stopping by!

Monday, October 1, 2007

So I am now in Japan, studying at Tohoku University in Sendai. My classes officially start this week, so that's exciting. ^___^ I get to meet my academic adviser today.

I've been here in Sendai for a week now, and in Japan for 11 days. It's been really busy here filling out TONS of paperwork. It's scary because I don't know half of what I'm signing--I can't read any of it. Grrr.

I got a cell phone, too, which is very exciting. I love the phones over here! Mine can be an mp3 player, TV, video player, radio, kanji dictionary, camera, credit card (for some vending machines), and it can access the internet. Way cool!

What else? Campus is a REALLY long way from the dorms. 45 min walk or 1 hour bus ride. I guess I'll get lots of exercise. lol!

Well that's all for now. I'll try to post exciting stuff on here every once in a while. ^_~

Take care!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Well, long time no see...er... post! lol!

Sooo, lots has happened in the past couple months. First off, I passed my physics II class with a B, and I kinda wonder how in the *$&@ that happened, but I won't complain! ^__^

After a fun ordeal and about a month of waiting, I finally got my visa to live in Japan for a year, so that's really awesome. I'm getting very nervous about going away for a whole year--I'm afraid of being alone, I guess, in a totally different country. But it's JAPAN! ^^ My mother is already worrying herself sick even though I haven't even left yet, and that kinda scares me. I hope she'll see that it's really not *that* different from how things are now... But she said she really doesn't understand why I feel like this is something I have to do, let alone the chance of a lifetime. ::sighs:: oh well.

I was given a Nintendo DS to use as a kanji dictionary while in Japan. But of course, it's a game system, and I wanna FINALLY learn to play some games, too!!! Soooo, any suggestions??

Hmm, what else has been fun? A friend and I scared the heck out of people in the mall on our uber goth excursion. It was awesome! We went to a really yuppie mall and turned some heads, for sure. But that was the entire point. We actually wanted to get kicked out of a mall just because of the way we were dressed, but that didn't work. It was rewarding to see all the disapproving faces, though.

Ooooh, and another friend and I watched the eclipse the other night! That was way fun. It was the longest I've stayed up for a really long time--6 in the morning to watch the entire thing. Yaaay! I love eclipses! SOOOO COOL!! Hehe, I'm such a nerd, ne?

Well, I better go. Enough to post for now. lol!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Yaaaay! Finally a change in the page. Was playing around and this is what resulted. Wonder why it never worked for me before.... I've tried, I promise! lol!

Now to play around with some other things, but that'll have to come later.

Hope you like it!

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Oh, goodness, I just realized I never posted about A-Kon, and that was last weekend! Gomen!!

So here we go!
A-Kon trip started out very early Thurs. morning. We were *supposed* to be out of Denver by 6:30am at the latest, but that didn't really happen. ANYWAY, road trip went well besides for a few minor problems, but everyone was so excited, we really didn't care about the minor things. Note: Road trips are much more fun if you have more than one person! It really makes the time go by faster! ^___^

We got to Dallas at about 10:30pm. Had to wait a while to get into the room because the people we stayed with went out to see a movie. Once all introductions were done (only half of our group knew each other, so that was interesting), we got some sleep.

Lines at A-Kon are horrendous, I must say. We got in line for our passes at something like 7:00am, they didn't start giving them out until 9am, I think, but we had to be there that early just to get a decent spot in line! Waa!

Enough about that. here's some highlights. Cosplay was awesome! I'll get a gallery on photobucket for you all to see some fun pics! ^__^ I ended up cosplaying Ritsuka from Loveless, while Dan cosplayed Soubi. His idea, not mine. loL! Hehe, his first cosplay... a BL show. he got glomped, and it made me laugh. ^^ And the dealers room was amazing! SOOOO huge! I definitely over spent by about $100.... oops... Hmm, last major highlight was the concert of Ketchup Mania and MELL. Ketchup Mania was cute... the lead singer doesn't have the best voice, but she was cute. MELL was cool, though. Her stage show was kind of different--she's very emotional and her dancing is a little weird, but overall, I really liked her! Plus, her music was beautiful!!

All in all, I enjoyed myself quite a bit at A-Kon. I must say that I like my smaller NDK better. But A-Kon was a great experience and I'm SOOO happy I went! ^___^ Yaaay!

PM me if you want to know more! I'll try to post some pics soon, too.

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