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ok, a/b the new comic... sinthae and i had this idea. wut if sesshoumaru and inu yasha got stuk in kagome's time? so ya, that mite explain the comic a little better...^_^;;

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

   I AM ALIVE!!!!
YES, IT'S TRUE!!! I AM STILL ALIVE!!! yes, i'm sorry i disappeard there for a while.... so anyways, where to begin?

Well, there's always sinthae's pictures on her site from Geekfest (Latin Convention, VERY fun!!). Yes, the wierdo in the black sleeveless? yeah, that's me.

So let's see.... me mother shall be gone for 3 MONTHS!!! *dances around* YES!!!! me mother in the the Air Force so she has to leave on long buisness trips every year.

I have been working on some new pictures *looks at sinthae* just need to get someone to scan them in for me as SOON as i'm done with them. If she wants, she can photomanipulate it... ^^

so yeah... that's all. not much else to say. buh bye now.

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Friday, February 18, 2005

GAH!! i HATE my computer! the password got changed and i haven't been able to log on recently or do ANYTHING with it... i'm getting computer withdrawl, i swear. anyways, what all has happened since my last post? well, my parents are bein annoying right now, so i can't do anything i want to do, and i've been pretty sick lately.

o yeah, synthae and i are doing an online comic together "angeli et diaboli" i draw and write the story, and she edits it and scans it all in. right now we don't have anything up, but we'll have some character profiles and the like as SOON as i get a few more pages done (i'm such a procrastinator...) So yes, that's all the really newsy stuff there is to say.

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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Well, I changed my mind about leaving Myo. I kinda like it here. So anyways, a lot's happened since I've been gone. Let's see my brother got married, my friend's grandpa died(so sad...), and a whole bunch of other stuff. O, my site will actually be updated soon, I just need to tweak chapter six, and then Ketsueki no Kawa will finally continue!
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