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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

   Yet another year...
Well, I guess that it's 2008 now... I remember when it was 2007 for the first time. I remember thinking in 2000 that in 2008, I would be moving out and that I would be a ballerina... lmao! Things have changed dramatically! lol! I still have my ever cute boyfriend. And, I'm going to university in the fall. That should prove to be interesting, considering that I didn't I would be for another year or so. But, that just means that I'll be able to get it all done and over with quicker. YAY!

I haven't been able to make any more wally's in a while! Because I don't have photoshop right now. IT SUCKS! I've been wanting to color some pics. Like, really nice picks. But I CAN'T. I don't even have a scanner right now, just a digital camera. Which is fine you know. Just that I can't do anything with picture. *whines a little more*

I am so bored right now. Usually that's why I come on here and add a post. Not that I really care if anyone reads it or not, just that I love typing! I am like, a speed typer. I type really fast. Especially when I'm bored it seems. lol! Hay hay hay, I have $6 in pennies! That means I have 600 pennies! Kinda wish I could trade them for loonies...(dollars). In canada we call a dollar a loonie, because there is a loon the the dollar. It's a coin... Yeah. I wonder why we call the two dollar coin a tooney... Why don't they call it a Two-nee...? Because if you look, the tooney has a penny inside a silver donut thing. Yeah. Canada is cool.

Hay, I saw a chick wearing a tank-top at the begining of january... I didn't believe it! I mean, it did get pretty warm but come on! NOT THAT WARM!! My town in an hour from the border of the states, so it will get a little warm during the winter... I don't know, it's just a little weird that she was wearing a tank-top... lol!!

Well, it seems that I'm moving again... This time by myself. It's cool though... Now I'll be able to decorate my own bathroom! I LOVE IT! And have a job, and hopefully get along with the other ppl in the house. One girl doesn't really like me though... She's an old friend of my sister's. And well, I guess that she never really liked me to begin with so all I can do is just keep my distance... Well, it seems that I'm the only one who's packing shit up... What I mean is that I'm packing my boyfriend's appartment... Well, it's his and his brother's. And so far I've been the only one packing! If you saw it, you wouldn't think that I did much... But the truth be told, I have! Well, the closet looks like I did something at least. haha! Man is it ever going to be a pain getting everything to the house. I don't mind packing and unpacking, it's just the moving heavy boxes up and down stairs! Ugh...

Man I need to go shopping. And for many things! I need clothes, food, other...lol! I'm looking forward to getting a job... My bf however can't right now because he's a full time student. Oh well. I don't mind being the only one making money right now. I just want to make sure that I'm getting money and that I am doing something full time. Considering the fact that I won't be doing anything else, and that I haven't been able to get a job because of rules set by my parents, I don't think I'll really care what kind of job I get. lol!

Wow, I'm running out of things to write, but I'm enjoying myself! WWWAAAAHHH!!!

I've gotten my bf totally addicted to bleach and Naruto!!! Sorry, I'm sure I've said that before, but now he's ALWAYS asking me to watch bleach with him. I can only watch so much bleach before I'm bored. lol! So yeah, it's a little anoying sometimes, but cute too.

Hehehe, my mom thinks that the gothic lolita that I drew is an angel and wants it... Little does she know that it's not exactly an angel. I wonder why she didn't see the stitched up teddy in the lolita's arms... lol! So naive.

Well, I think that I'm done now. Matta ne!

Banana Sushi!
Kakashi STILL Rules Da Plushies!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas yet again...
Wow, it's been so long since I last posted... Now it's Christmas...AGAIN! WTF??? Well, I am not in the Christmas spirit this year, unfortunately. I don't have any money, and I don't know, there's just nothing there. Hopefully that won't ruin Christmas day... Although it seems that no one around here is in the Christmas spirit either. Kinda sucks.

Well, I went to my home town again this winter. It sucked ass. Except for the fact that I had a new hair cut. And I got to hand out with my best friend. Other than that, it was horrible. Since I was there visiting with my sister, by staying there the whole time at her place. She kinda got really mean... Let's just say that everyone was upset with the way that I was being treated there. And it really was not very nice. ANYWAY! Oh, and of course I had to go there without my boyfriend... THAT SUCKED!

I am so tired, it's like, a quarter to two in the morning. I shouldn't have napped today. Ah well. I think that I will just have little sleep again tonight. I don't seem to get a very good sleep lately. WAAAHH!! Man have I been just wining today! lol!

Anyway. I'll just be going now. Matta ne!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The end of summer holidays...
Well, now the summer holidays have come to an end. Although, I am very very happy that it has come to an end and not... I so badly want my winter back! Once I get my winter, then I'll be myself again. But, I don't want school to start again. But I'm excited to get onto to the next grade. Me and my bf are going to be studying, and working for about 97% of the time. Gives me something to do, and keep me from becoming bored hopefully. Major studying will be my priority for the next year. I will also be working. So, I'll have things to do. I get bored so easy.

I finally have my ears!! As creepy as that sounds... They make me look so cute! *squeel!* Hand made, which I guess is amazing or something. lol! They look so awesome.

Well, I went on a little vacation myself. I went to my hometown, and did a few things. It was a little boring for the most part sadly. I got to see my best friend, and my sister. And oh wow, I just got hit by a wave of fatigue. *coughs*

So yeah. I'll be going back again, because I have to help my bf's sister move here, to my town. So, I might be able to hand out with a few more friends that I didn't get the chance to last time. Maybe anyway. This time, I'll actually have a car to go around with. Last time I didn't. So me and my peeps had to walk everywhere. Which really did suck major ass. But I lost weight. But gained it again...

It felt good to just be out of my parent's house. YAY! I'm gonna be out of it a lot more too! Because I'm gonna be going to the library often, and to my bf's house. I know that really doesn't matter. lol!!

Well, matta ne!
Banana Sushi
Kakashi Rules Da Plushies!!!!

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