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I love anime so much...... The characters are strong, the stories are also wonderful..... I can't stop loving anime and manga!!! >_<

I'm not so talented in making wallpapers, but I tried my best... Feel free to visit my website because I put more wallpapers there ^o^

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

   I'm coming back >_
I looked at my last post.... September?? Whoaaa~~~ I've been missing for almost 3 months!!! Warghahahaha..... Finally, I'm coming here again, talking nonsensical, blah blah blah

Actually, what have I done in this 4 months??

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Friday, September 8, 2006

   Where were my walls gone??
Last week, I have submitted 3 wallpapers... But after 2 days, these wallpapers dissapear without notice!!! I waited for next two days in hope these wallpapers will appear again, but they are really missing!! Where were they going?? I have to subimt again the same wallpapers for the second time :(

And also, someone has signed my guestbook last 2 week, but it also dissapear.. Now my guestbook less one person... And I have added someone as my friend, now she also dissapear!! Why was this happen?? I'm really sad...

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Saturday, September 2, 2006

   Can't upload image??
I have tried for thousand times, and still failed to upload my new avatar... what's going on?? It said "Your image should be under 50KB, but actually my image is just 32.0KB..... I wonder why? I want to upload new avatar.... Uhuhuhuhu
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   Old Memories...
Think back, my first and favorite manga is Doraemon. I knew Doraemon since 1992 (past 14years already) and I was really addicted to this manga. Have you ever think what will you do when someone suddenly came out from your drawer? And he said he comes to change your future? And he has a lot of benefits equipments to use >_<

Whoaa~~~ If he really come to my life, I wonder how will I manage it?? Have any suggestion??? Heeheehee….

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