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ay yo im back and im knockin! sorry its been MONTHS since ive been on here, but here i is~~! I love you all thanks for the support.

okay, first: watch this video! its the dumbest thing ever but when i first saw it i couldn't stop laughing. its that stupidest/funniest thing in the world xD

BTW friends of DarkYume321: ethan wont be coming on anymore. So i'm just lettin u know ^^

Who doesn't love cute lil ritsuka??


and who doesnt love cute lil shiro??!


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

HELLO! ^_^ whatcha think about the video??


hee hee xD

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Monday, August 27, 2007

High School......
i went to school today, right on time! (good job kae! lol) homeroom was a drag, they made it extra long so we could sign papers and crap like that. December is in my homeroom so it wasnt like i could speak freely to my few friends with me cuz she had her eyes on me the whole hour. +_+''
a couple of my friends were in my classes so i felt a little relived. i also made friends with some upperclassmen who were super cute! <3 they kept making fun of me, but in a friendly way, so i felt happy with them. I think i'll get used to this HUGE school by next week. ^_^''
My boyfriend and I only can see each other at lunch, which sorta sucks. of course, that means he wont see me flirting with that tall Sophomore Keith and the silent but hot Matt. lol!! xD
Well thats about all that happened, besides me having a laughter attack when my friend Krystyn and I got lost and ended up in a senior building. Also, in a couple weeks, I'll be getting my J.R.O.C.T. uniform! i'm happy about that but all my friends arent. they dont want the uniform. I think it'll look adorable in it myself. ^_^

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

school starts tomorrow, im so mad! summer just flew by and it just isnt fair! *sighs heavily* what a drag!!
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