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Hy my name is Iza and I`m from Slovenia(if u don`t know where it is- beetwen italy and croatia :) ).I love anime and I`m going to study japanes(hihi-hmmm why that-guess).Like u can see i`m a big fan of sailor moon-it was the first anime i watched.I hope u`ll like my wallpapers and tell me if u would like that i make one for u. ^-^ ^o^*Luv u all....

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Friday, May 23, 2008

   daily life and NARUTO SPOILER--dont read if u dont read the manga
ok im not going to start with the manga first,let me tell u how im doing----.....---......umm im ok ...i guess XD
in my life there is nothing so "wow" that i have to write it XD all i can say is :my back hurts like hell i cant sit i cant bow down all i can do is to lie ,or to stand -.- .right now i had a lot invitations for some contest here on theOtaku and on deviantArt...so like u can thing im very busy (and yeah try to draw while ur standing !!!O.o )

ANd now--school...aww damn that word hurts so much *start to shake* i have to sign in for some exams this year to be able to enter the University of Ljubljana-Faculty of arts ,im going to study languages YEY!!!!!even if some people were saying i could go to a school for Art or design ,it was really hard to decite cuz i love to draw and stuff ...but i love to learn languages as well,for now i speak 5 so why not more XD

ok like i sadi dont read it if u dont read the manga,dont come here to me cry cuz i spoiled something for u....cuz u will die an unhappily dead!

ok i just read the newest chapter...and all i can say is......Itachi u are an amazing person!!!!!i always thought that there is a reason that he killed his clan (ok he left sasuke -.-).but i never thought that konoha had to do something with it.im not going to write why he did it an who those people are if u wanna find out go read the manga,the anime is now staring the fillers again (oh yeah joy another 100 ep of randomness -.-) .all i cn sy is that I love Itachi now even more!!!!mine top 3 guys :
1)Grimmjow (my smex kitty)
2)Itachi(my smexy weasel,that is very misunderstood)
3)Kanda (ohhh my samurai XD)
ok and some other I like but those are mine favs :D and urs gimme the list of ur fav charas :P

omg i wrote that much O.O...its the first time....u should be proud on me cuz if not....*pulling out my zanpaktou *-if u ask urself wtf? here is the answer: i submitet a drawing me as an arrancar and León is the name of my zanpaktou :D

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Friday, February 15, 2008

   sugar,sugar...tadatadaaaa.....oh honey honey XD
dunno whats wrong with me....but i`m think it`s conected with the sugar....oh yeah........*starts jumping around while jelling -SUGAR!!!!*ahemmm.....lets forget this happend ok :P

im realy bored this days,dunno what to do,what to draw....so im turning to u,write to me!!!!!!anything.......just a hello if u wanna,or maybe hi XD.or tell me how did the valentines day go for u??????

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

   ....crazy...realy crazy....why on this days....
Well yesterday was for me a realy scary,scary day.i had an operation,well it wasnt something serius they just had to remove something (and i dunno how to explain it in english.......now i cant sit normal and i have to be in bed all the time .i got this realy realy realy strong pills to drink and it seems i wont be able to draw anything new im sorry ....

i wish u all happy holidays and happy new year!!!!!!!!

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

   What is going on?
This week was the most terrible one i eer had in my life for now......first of all 2 singers that i realy loved died (To�a and Nino).But the most awful thing happened today,my cousin had a terrible car accident.A drunk driver chrashed into her and her bones are almost all broken,her face is full with scratches i didnt recognize her when i visited her in the hospital.i just couldnt belive it,i didnt know what to do or to say.......i realy dunno what`s going on,i wish this would be just a very bad nightmare,why is this happening?She is only 18 ,and now is she waiting to have an operation to fix her broken bones ando so on..........
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Friday, September 7, 2007

i can`t belive it!!!!!!!!!i finaly made my matura exams!!now i can go to University-Faculty of Arts- to study german,english and maybe japanese . now i have some time to make some new fanArts jej

This month was realy ,realy hard for me.I had to study like a mad one i was afraid that i wont make it......but id did it and the real work is starting now,but i think i can handle it(hope so)

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