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Sunday, October 22, 2006

i can say.. this Sunday was one of my most unforgettable day. it may seem ordinary to everyone.. but not for us. lolz.

yesterday, my parents planned on purchasing a new pair of shoes, school shoes, for me. my shoes was like 2 years old now. honestly, i was a little lazy. lolz. i'm not very much into going out with them since God-knows-when. i'd rather sleep than go out with them. yeah i know, i'm so mean.. but i just got used to them. lolz. before that "incident", both of them doesn't have any time for this family. ok, if your wondering about what's that incident all about, i'll just post it here some other time.

when i was still a kid, they broke a lot of promises going out.. blahblah. and you know what it feels like to hope and in the end, it's just a false one. lolz. and i was a kid then.. so it was same old scenario every now and then. then finally i got used to it. and before i knew it, i HATED having this so-called family day.

so on with my story, before going to the mall, we heard mass. yeah, that's right. and again, our last time together hearing mass was like God-knows-when also. lolz. i think it was when i was in grade 4. lolz. when we were inside the church, i was thinking.. am i blasted to the past? when i was a kid, the time when my dad hadn't introduced us yet to his family and we're still living in Pandacan, we always hear mass every Sunday. then after that, we'll go malling and eat in a restaurant or something. it was fun.. really fun.

i got related to the Homily. the priest was talking about being number 1. and i agree with him. to be a leader, you have to be a follower. before you get to number 1, you have to climb up. a success without hardship is empty, neh?

after the mass, on to the mall!!! hehe. papa bought me 2 pair of shoes from Confetti. w00t~ i chose those 1-inch shoes, i hate heels. i really like the styles, so cute. XD after that, we bought papa's underwear. and then mama bought a bag. then after one last stroll, we finally ate at Chow King. after we're full, we decided to go home.

on our way, we passed by Butterfield. it remind me of my 18th birthday. Cathy gave me a junior size cake. lolz. come to think of it.. i think that was the last time i had a cake for my birthday. can't afford to buy one so.. maybe when i have a job again or something. lolz.

i was tired, but i'm happy and contented. ^_^

anyway, after a long series of broken promises.. i experienced something i thought i wouldn't for the rest of my life. honestly.. while typing this i'm crying. lolz. ^_^ tears of happiness i guess..

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Friday, October 20, 2006

   hello again.
it's been a year or so since i last posted. my bad. -_- been very very very busy resolving a lot of things. family, school, work and friends. but everything's fine now i think.

i've been reviving most of my blog accounts. lolz. actually, i have an account in LJ; but it's rarely updated.

this july, i just revived my old tabulas account.

now, i'm tiring to *revive* this one. lolz. this will be my portfolio site. ^_^ i really miss it here.

i'll try to fix this tomorrow or some other time. hehe. and i'll try to visit my old friend's here. hehe. i missed them a lot. ^_^


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Thursday, June 2, 2005

   i'm sick. -_-;

waa. it's been a while. -_-; gomen for not being around lately. got a lot of stuff to do. o.o; before anything else, i'd like to thank cloud-san for fixing my myO. ^_^ now i can see my BG more. ^_^ he's a great guy. ^_^ been talking to him in YM quite sometime now. oh, and thanks for the kind words too. he also cheered me up when i was having hard time with my ex-boyfriend. -_- *sigh* why does it have to end this way. =S

anywayz, the reason i was away is...last month my great-grandmother died. well, it's best that she did because she's already old. she needs to rest too. ^_^ she's already 85. so i think it's for the best. ^_^

last month too, i finally met with edward. u know, the guy i've been talking about. we had our first date and it went out well. ^_^ but i'm still not ready for another commitment. i just want to take my time. =D i love my freedom. XD~~~

anywayz, sorry for making this short. i'm not feeling very good right now, i think i'll catch a flu any moment from now. *sneeze* but i will still make my rounds. ^_^;;

matta ne~ ^.^

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