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"I am to others
A stranger compared to what
I am to myself;

My accomplishments
Are all outsiders will see
When I meet their glance.

One's life, however,
Cannot be accurately
Measured in such ways.

To be more precise,
One must find within himself
Fortitude and peace.

The warrior's way
is that of humility;
The way of Shinken." <--A haiku I actually wrote myself. Deep, huh?

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I'm currently listening to a copy (bootleg, of course) of Rush's "2112" CD, and I have discovered something. Old bands can actually be better than new ones. "2112", a 20-minute long song with a sci-fi storyline has ultimately ripped my soul from my body and is playing tennis with it. I encourage you folks to go buy (or download, SCREW THE RIAA) Rush's CDs. One's called 2112, obviously. The other one I have no idea what the name is, but it's got some bunnies on it. Yeah, I know. Bunnies. What were they thinking!?

In other news, school sucks (to a degree). But that's nothing new, so... Until next time. I'm tired and busy, not to mention tired. Oh, and busy. Did I say I was tired?

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Wednesday, September 8, 2004

   Computer Problems, and some other crappy stuff.
First off, I feel a brief explanation of my absence is in order. Basically, another virus hit my computer. Wiped my hard drive. Didn't get fixed/returned until today.

And we're done with that. Now on to the hilarity. As I type this, my grandmother is sitting across the room, ranting about a plethora of random things, mostly Democrat-bashing and saying that my entire view of the world is wrong, naive, and evil. Apparently, Clinton purposefully let the al Qaeda problem go just to leave it in the hands of Bush Jr. Of course, my mentioning of the 9/11 Commission Report's statement that Clinton authorized a few missile strikes against targets that supposedly housed bin Ladin & Co is automatically blown off as liberally-biased, anti-American trash straight out of the Kerry camp. >_< That, and she whipped out a completely surprising/disturbing comment. Basic summary? Abortions should be illegal, except for in one case. If the child is found to be a homosexual via DNA testing, the fetus should be aborted! And she says she's a registered Democrat! More like a registered psycho.

In other news, first day of school was a complete mental implosion. First half of the day was great, but the second half was... less than stellar. Basically, hectic schedule combined with the fact that I woke up at 5 A.M. and found that our house only contains decaf coffee!

Oh, great. My grandmother's ranting about how the entire family is corrupt/evil/sexist (on both sides!?), and that she's the only sane one in the family. Whoo boy, what a day. Fortunately, she hasn't started ranting about my purchase of Steve Hagen's Buddhism, Plain and Simple. Mi hermano has caught that ball, however. Fun all around.

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Friday, July 16, 2004

The WBC Strikes Again...
...In the realm of stupidity. Apparently, somebody shot at a fence near the Westboro Baptist Church's church/compound. So, what to the hatemongering, homophobic WBC goers do? They offer a $5000 reward for turning in the offenders. The irony in this is that the WBC, who call for the criminalization of homosexuality and the death penalty for its "practicioners", are calling it a hate crime. The WBC, complaining about a hate crime! Too precious!

And then there's this. What fools!

Pandering to F**s and d****, Edwards in his race for president attributed the ministry of WBC to Satan- the unpardonable sin.

That's right! Not only is the Democratic Veep candidate secretly running for the highest position in the country, it is also a cardinal sin to (correctly) label a hatemongering group hiding behind the veil of a particular religion as such. For shame, Mr. Edwards! For shame!

God, what hypocrites!

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