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hio all you animecrazyfans!
anime is awesome, yes? i can never get my mind off of it! hehe... XD
tsukasa, yue, chaud, and shaoran are my most favorite characters because they are awesome and they go weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! sign my guestbook if you like, but who cares,
all im thinking about is anime!
chaud: ( throws a PET at her )
me: ow... thanks, i needed that... >.<''
p.s. by the way, chaud is from rockman exe(megaman)! heehee.....

Thursday, July 27, 2006

yes, i know it's weird..yet...yeah and stuff..
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Thursday, June 29, 2006

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   For All You Rockman Exe Fans
www.rockman-exe.com (rockman site! and a good one too!)

www.pluginexe.com (another rockman site. it's like narutocentral except that it's full of awesome rockman exe-ness! weeeeeee! jack in! power up!)

Tomahawkman, Bass, Rockman, Protoman, and Serchman are my favorite navis. Tomahawkman and Bass are awesome!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

www.youtube.com ( search videos )

www.narutocentral.com ( naruto )

www.narutofever.com ( naruto )

www.flashflashrevolution.com ( DDR )

www.flashplayer.com ( flash games, movies, etc. )

www.ear-tweak.com ( inuyasha )

www.quizilla.com ( quizzes )

www.quizfarm.com ( quizzes )

www.animetrain.com ( someone's anime site )

www.capcom.com ( a japanese site about megaman )

www.xanga.com/dragonslighht3192 ( my friend's site! ^^'' )

www.narutocommunity.net(for all you naruto fans)

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