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Woooah! I’m such a freak… Ah, well, at least I’m a nice freak.. and a “nice freak” is always better than a “nasty” one.
AARGH! Off the point! Sorry.. bad habit :P
About me? Well, I’m in the 2nd last year of high school (torture), and I live in a little European country that doesn’t hav 1 single anime shop, and just so happens to be in the shape of a chicken.
I’m hoping to get into a culinary management/tourism Uni, and create mangas part time. Hope you enjoy my site, and plz if you can, chack out my fanart and vote if you think they are good!

~*thaoiRYU, yashi katasan93 & HeeroYuy77*~ you've been a great help! Check out their Otakus!
No.. wait, mine first!! hehehe, jk! XD

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

The best no-singing rock band. May I introduce you to: APOCALYPTICA

Apocalyptica has to be one of the best bands ever. No singing. No electric guitars. Just 4 cellos and a set of drums, and there you go. Hardcore rock.
There weren’t many ppl, but that’s ok, cuz my sis and I ended up 3m from the stage!!!!
I thought that since there were so little ppl that they wouldn’t play as well as they usually do, but no! They played like there was no tomorrow!
The crowd might have been small, but they were more energetic than a stadium at a soccer game, I swear! And also since there were soooo little ppl, they were able to wave and smile to each of us.. no lies! My fave, Perttu, was soooooooo hot. He took his shirt off 2 songs in, and I almost fell over.. lol. I almost died when he smiled and waved at us *o* I was so damn hyper afterwards.. I still am! 1 day after!
Here are sum pix, okies?

~*Eicca & Paavo*~
Eicca (blonde) was always head-bangin, so his pix were always blurry.. Paavo’s blurry too!! ToT

Omg..omg..omg.. he is SO hot.. *drool..* look how skinny!! lol..i luv his style *o*

Yes, another pic, but god, here he’s hangin over his cello.. he did that for 5mins, looking dead but it looked so sexy..*blushing uncontrollably*

~*Whole Band*~
This was when they first wanted to leave the stage, lol, they were called back 3 times..

Giggle, when we were leaving a reporter attacked us with a bunch of questions.. lights camera.. everything. I couldn’t register what he was sayin in Slovene.. so I just sorta stayed beside my sister saying "Fantasticno" and "Rock on".. so I probably made an ass of myself yet again. On tv.. -.-
Hope you’re all doin well. I send my hyperness to each of ya, as well as a telepathic video clip of Apocalyptica!!!! :D
By the way, I made the background from the concert ^^

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Monday, June 5, 2006

I'm finally goin to see Apocalyptica tonite! I can't wait.. hmmm,,, but supposedly the weathers goin to be crap, but i really dont care!
MOM: "How do you think you should dress? You might get dirty, or it might rain!"
ME&SIS: "We're going to see Apocaliptica! We're going to see Apocalyptica!"
MOM: "Is Andrea (sis) driving you or are you taking the bus? Where can you park?"
ME&SIS: "We're going to see Apocaliptica! We're going to see Apocalyptica!"
MOM: "..I don't know why I bother with you two.."
ME&SIS: "woops, did you say sumthin?"

lol, those are our conversations lately around the household :P
OOOH! Here are the pics for your names in Angelic Script. This is one of the alphabets, known as the Theban Alphabet, that is SuPpoSedLey close to Hebrew:

~*Thanh Thao*~

Hope you're all having a wicked time!
We're going to see Apocalyptica! We're going to see Apocalyptica!! XD
Me so happy =^o^=

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Friday, June 2, 2006

I think I just failed a whole-year math test today.. lol, and i cant believe i find it funny, but i just do! ^o^
MWaHAaAaHAHAHahahahaAAAHahaha (im not insane.. not at all! :P)
Starting today, I'm actually DONE real school for this year! But It aint all happy, and fluffy.. I hafta finish two big-ass projects by the 12th.. they'll be the size of books by the time im done em.. X.X
So, has anyone thought about what they'll be doing during the holidays? Gaaa~ I'm thinkin a bit ahead..!
Ya know what? I'm thinkin i'll just take pics of those angel-written names cuz hate makin you ppl wait.. its annoying i cant get to a scanner... I'll do that and I'll chack out ppls Otakus tomorrow nite cuz its 10:30pm and i wana sleep!! Didnt sleep last few nites cuz of math.. study study study for nuthin!!!
Hugs and all that sweet stuff ;P
P.S-I think I'll also just take fotos of other pics i drew as well, cuz i did a few^^

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