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Tuesday, October 23, 2007





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Nya, hello everyone! *big suffocating hug* I am so very sorry for not updating in like FOREVER and this time i have an actual excuse! I've had projects to do one for Language arts about my culture and one for Social Studies about my endangered species, the Snow Leopard. It was so stressing because i had to leave home for a couple of days to West Palm Beach because my parents had to go to court which didn't leave me time to do anything. Also we have to leave this wonderful house for good -.- the bank is taking it back and we have to go live with my oldest sister for a while. So we've been doing alot of packing also. So please forgive me all.

Has anyone seen Death Note on Adult Swim Saturday night? It was awesome!!!!!!
That book had fucked up Light in the head. He's gone nuts now 0.o. Oh, and do some of you know that in one of the episodes.....nvm that'll be a spoiler. Well i am off to get ready for school everyone. I hope you all have a very nic day

oh And the winner of the dance contest is this cutie digimon whoes name i forgot

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