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-poke- Hello you! Yeah you there! The one who's visiting my page. The one who took their time to click on a link to get here. The one, if you're familiar with me, who's wondering, "WHERE HAVE YO BEEN SHINESKA???" or, "Oh she still comes on?" Yes, i'm saying hello to you. Well, i'm trying to get active on here again like i used to be nearly TWO YRS AGO!!!!! -foams- Yeah. Well, alot of me is gonna be seen here again. I hope to make new friends and i hope i have fun here like i used to 8D! (MESSEGE MEH!!)

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Music Playlist at MixPod.com


Thursday, November 26, 2009



Man I really miss the old days on here. It's but a REAL long time of a last update on here, and I was wondering, does anyone else come on here?

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