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Tuesday, June 7, 2005

God of War
Gathering of the Gods

Zues: I have gathered you here on this holiest of grounds to discuss the fate of a mortal whose actions I sense could have grave implications to all of us here on Mount Olympus.

Athena: My lord, my father, it is Kratos of whom you speak. I have been his patron goddess these last 10 years as he has fought to stave off madness and earn our forgiveness.

Ares: The man is a fool. He turned his back on a gift so-

Zues: Enough, Ares. I know what he has done. And, might I add, I know why he did it. You should be ashamed.

Athena: Ares' actions were brutal, as always, My lord. My oracles warn me that even now Ares is marshalling his forces to attack and destroy my fair city.

Ares: Athens, so called city of art, city of culture. It is nothing mor than a festering pit filled with flabby aristocrats. Athens is a blight on mother Gaia herself! I will destroy your city, my dear sister.

Athena: Not if I stop you, my brother.

Zues: Enough, both of you. Your childish quibbles are your own, but I do not want this war encroaching on the steps of Mount Olympus. We have other worries. Kratos may very well alter the cours of all our destinies.

Athena: He is quite insane, my lord. But he is strong.

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