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Tuesday, June 7, 2005

   the dangers of good videogames
Video games, they are a fun way to pass the time but what happens when they go to far? When they make a really good video game people buy it and take it home, and then play it and say if they like it or not. If they like it too much then they play it forever. They can't stop until they beat the game. This desiese I like to call V.G.Adictivnessious disorder. If its an RPG they might get the dreaded RPGradisculopathy. Its were you play more than 100 hours of RPG's; They simptoms are using RPG battle tactics on everyday things like a toaster. Or the Klanowa, Its were your afraid of people and sunlight makes your eyes burn and you plan an escape route for a Zombie invasion everyday. I hope you or anyone will not get any of these desieses.
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