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Thursday, February 8, 2007

   Good News
well now my old site is working again..bad news is that i dunno if ima keep this site...i might just move everything over to my old site so yeah....i probaly will keep both sites and update on both..but i'll put different pics on both sites.....
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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

   hiya there
hey guys whats up??..not much here sorry that i haven't updated since friday..but the dreaded lazyness has gotten to me >///<...anyways i dunno..i haven't been to school for the past two days...i haven't been drawing cause im being really lazy -__-...ughh..whaaaaa....but good thing is that my kitty oreo had her kittens on saturday!! they are soooo cute....but one died..the black one ><..*cries*.....so now we only have four....but anyways yesh....im out of it yo's...i dunno today is just random...hopefully i'll be back to my old ways tomorrow..im so far behind in some of my classes though ><..anyways blahhh


1.) do you date outside your race??

2.) have you ever gotten really sick??

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Thursday, February 1, 2007

   ohla ^^
hey guys what's the deal yo O_o...not much here..i just got homel...i drew another pic that i will be posting today...i also am almost done w/ my half of the trade i did w/ cosmic sailor!!im happy..im actually really hyper for some random reason...><.....lol....i think its because of that goddamn friggin skittles commercial the one w/ the singing bunny..funny..i swear to god...thank god tomorrow is friday..i think im going to go see the messangers on saturday though..its gonna be flippin awesome anyways thats all i gots..


1.)what is your favorite koolaid flavor??

2.)what is your favorite video game??

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

hey peeps whats up??...everything is okay now im not pregant(thank god)...anyways not much is up..ima post another pic...but one thing i would like to mention is that if you look at my art..just don't look at it..make a comment or vote (not neseceraly favorite (i don't think i spelled that right))...cause it just really annoys me when people say that their going to look at my pix and then don't or they do.,.but i really don't know that..so please again just do that for me kayz...anyways yeah.,..i guess thats it..


1.)what is your favorite type of candy??

2.) what is your favorite american tv show??

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

i am like totally out of it..yesterday was really fucked up...my mom accused me of being pregnant yesterday!!so now im at my bf's house to get a pregnancy test (yes i guess you all know now that i am very sexually active)..why?? i swear..but i do kinda think i am to cause i haven't gotten a regular period in two months so ;_;...after i find out ill be relieved....but if i am my lifes practically ruined because my mom says that i have to move out and that she won't help me pay for my school...this is so screwed off!! ><...but see my bf's mom said not to worry because i could just be suffering from the side effects of my birth control..so im kinda like ehh maybe..maybe not??..i dunno.. what should i do??


1.) (girls) if you go pregnant what would you do??

(boys) if you got your girlfriend pregnant what would you do??

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