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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

   Dunno What....
I really don't know why I'm posting here because I really don't have alot to say XD. I'm still here on holidays and no scanner yet so still no new pics, unless of course you count te pics that I can upload from my other galleries :P besides that I have nothing more XD Uh... I reall don't have anything else to say so I guess I'll just leave you all now. I'll update again soon!!

~blows kisses~

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Monday, July 17, 2006

   Completely and totally broken
Well some people may be wondering why I'm feeling so down. Here is the MySpace blog I posted explaining it:

"That is exactly how I feel right now. I'm like way too wicked depressed to even talk. At least my tears have finally stopped. That I am thankful for.

Why the hell were you crying you might ask? If you know me any you'd probably say that I have nothing to be sad about but the truth is, deep down in my heart I feel so broken inside. I can be happy and laughing for a few minutes and then I'm back to tears again. I wanna be left alone but I feel so lonely otherwise. I don't understand my problem whatsoever. I'm like black and white, high and low. I'm the complete opposite on both sides of myself and I'm not even a gemeni. Funny huh? I feel more and more confused every single day, and it just keeps getting worse instead of better.

My parents are really getting on my nerves. I'm on msn, talking to both of them at the exact same time and I know that they hate each other. I'm sitting here in my grandmas basement all alone, one telling me how he can't come see me while I'm here because he has no money and the other telling me she's gonna take me home as soon as possable. The thing is, I don't wanna go home yet because I'll just be a burden to everyone if I go home now. It just keeps getting worse...

I wanna go camping with my friends, and I wanna meet Amy and Kyle, people who are there frm away and I've been dieing to meet in person forever, but for some reason I know I wouldn't be up to it, even though I love camping.

I'm so confused in my own head right now and I just don't know what to do. I hate being sad, and mad and hating the people I love just because I know... but... I just don't know, which is why I take my leave for now and here's hoping tomorrow will make more sense then the past few months..."

and that's pretty much it!!

I'll update again soon...

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Well I'm still stuck at my grandmothers with no scanner whatsoever. I have so many pics that I want to get scanned and submit. I also super wanna change my SheezyArt layout to match a Ren theme. I have been totatlly obsessed with DearS since I got the manga a few days ago, so this is the new theme: Ren, from DearS. I wanna thank Burning Candle for telling me how to do it XD And uh, that's about it I guess. I'll update again soon!!

~blows kisses~

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

   A few Updates
Sorry that I didn't inform you all here about my scanner issue. I forgot to say before I left to go on holidays that I would be spending two weeks or more without a scanner. Have no fear though because I am working on art work the whole time here, it's just gonna be a while before it gets posted is all. I hope you all understand.

What else can I say?? It has been a while. Um... well I guess not that much more to say!! XD I guess I'll update again soon!!

~blows kisses~

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Monday, July 3, 2006

Well actually, it's not all new. I posted some things today that were drawn recently, others a bit older but I posted new stuff all the same. I'd post more often if the sizing rules weren't so strict around here, posting such small pics ruins them so I have to wait sometimes, also I don't find some of the pics I've been drawing recently are very appropriate for this site and it might end up getting me banned O_o so yeah, my best stuff is up on SheezyArt so anyway, just letting you all know about what I posted today ^_^
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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Okay, I've been recieving requests and art trades and collab things from all over the net but I really want to know who I owe pics to here on theOtaku. So please, if I owe you a pic of something please leave a comment telling me what it was so I can make a list and keep them straight. If you don't leave a comment then I apologize if I didn't get it done but I'm like everyone else... I need reminding XD so yes, please help me with this!! ^_^
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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

   Random Girl has a name now!!! XD
I got a nice comment on my "Random Girl" pic by a user named Foxtrot with some excellent and lovely name suggestions for her!! I decided to go with Natsumi!! Yay!! She has a name!! XD Thank you Foxtrot for your help!! ^_^
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Monday, June 26, 2006

   Some CG early in the morning
I'm just here cause I can't sleep, so I finished the CG project I have been working on for like ever!! It's of Full Moon and to me it turned out okay!! ^_^ So if you guys want, go and see it because it's one of the best things I've ever done!!

Also, I would like to take this time to thank my friends for beating up on the evil flamers and for supporting me!! ^_^ If I keep making friends like you guys, I'm gonna stay for a long time so *huggles* all of you!! XD

Well I guess that's it for me, I'm gonna go off to bed!! See you all again!!

~blows kisses~

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

OH MY GOD!!!! I put up topic on top of topic about how flames are so stupid here that I'm starting to sound like a broken record!!! But, if I hear one more idiotic flame from this site I am never gonna come back here again!!

It's not like I never recieved flames before, but out of all of the sites that I have joined in the past six months, I have found out that I get more flames in a day here than I do in a month on other sites.

I know I am not the best artist in the world, and I admit that, did I ever claim that I was?? But you can insult my art all you want but why oh why and I ask why again, do stupid people like flamers click on a pic if they don't like what is in it. If you don't like what I draw then don't look, how freakin' hard is that to do?? So far I have recieved flames for my yaoi and yuri pics and my Sakura pics as well, and hell I bet if I came here tomorrow with something else not alot of people like their gonna jump down my throat!!

Also, if you don't like the way that I draw then tell me how to improve on it!! If you have some pointers that you'd like to share then I'm open to hear them, I always want to improve, but if you can't do better yourself and have nothing constructive to say then why even bother saying anything, I mean isn't that what it says before you leave a comment anyway?? CONSTRUCTIVE COMMENTS!!!

Anyway, after like my 80 millionth post about flames over here I have one thing to say... if they wanna keep flaming they can go right ahead. I'm not gonna stop drawing what I love and I know they're not gonna shut up so I'll say right now, I'm gonna give this site one more chance, but if I get like 20 flames for stupid reasons again, then I'm out, gone, and Bye bye... so that's all I have to say. I'm done complaining...

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   Ah, my first full day of Summer and new art
Yes, it's a nice and relaxing Saturday today! The rain is falling and its nice and damp... just the way that I like it!! ^_^ I love the rain so much because you don't feel guilty about staying in all day on the computer doing nonesense :P and so yeah that's why rainy days are ideal to me.

Well, as promissed I put up some new art today. Well it's not really all that new but it is new to this site so when you guys get a chance, go and check it out because well I dunno... only if you want to I guess :P. I'll be putting some new stuff up maybe later on or tomorrow yet again, but it's a long night so we'll see where the day takes me... :P

What else? Oh yes, if anyone is interested in an art trade then please let me know. Summer time leaves me with alot of free time so it's nice to have something to do... anyway, I'll be back again!! ^_^

~blows kisses~

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