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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

a JoKe?
Today,my team are going to make a big card..My english teacher wants my team and the other teams to make a Happy Raya Day!!!After 1 month the Muslims are fasting now we celebrating HAPPY RAYA DAY!!My team want to make it for our muslims' teachers..
I have something to tell you all!!psst..don't tell anybody k!!I have a friend who is very cute!!AWWW!He gave me a Raya card..It is so sweet!!lOl!he gave one joke!!but I don't think so that it's a JOKE!!I am so ashamed after read that card..here I give you!!

"Chocolate...we are so sweet isn't?"lolipop tell chocolate.
"I don't think so!"chocolate answer.
"bu.....BUT why?"lolipop ask.
"Because..the sweetest is...who read this message la..XD"tell chocolate again.

Oh!!back to the Raya stories..I help my mother to cook some cake!!yum..yum..but can't taste it in the morning bcoz we are fasting..em..I'm so boring..can you pm me?Have a great Tuesday..

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