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hello everybody! i'm a Naruto junkie and if you don't know what naruto is, you have a very pitiful life!^_^ if you do know what naruto is and don't like it, you need a serious regimine of radical shock therapy!;^)and for those of you that DO know what naruto is and like it, may the lord smile on you! come chat with me!%>

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

   i cant believe...
i cant believe...
1)my internet is out so im online at my dads
2)how long its been since ive been on
3)gas prices

n e wayz...sorry turk and spiral and etc. for not being on! ill be on more in about a month. until then though... ill be off horribly long...T.T so except the changes in my site to tide you over till im back online!

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Thursday, July 7, 2005

   Magic: the gathering

does anybody play magic the gathering? its a card game and a have a wicked site for anybody that plays...its a free online playing site. pm me if you need to know! (i personally like the card above!)

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

   my club

if you've played so many rpg's, you think you're a character,have beaten one rpg until you could MAKE that game, or just flat out think rpg's are god's given gift, you are right for the rpg freaks! pm sharinganeye01 or enigmatic turk to join.you must give one example of rpg freakicism to be iniciated.

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   my true self

You are a Samurai.
You are full of honour and value respect. You
are not really the stereotypical hero, but you
do fight for good. Just in your own way. For
you, it is most certainly okay to kill an evil
person, if it is for justice and peace. You
also don't belive in mourning all the time and
think that once you've hit a bad stage in life
you just have to get up again. It's pointless
to concentrate on emotional pain and better to
just get on with everything. You also are a
down to earth type of person and think before
you act. Impulsive people may annoy you

Main weapon: Sword
Quote: "Always do the right thing.
This will gratify some people and astonish the
rest" -Mark Twain
Facial expression: Small smile

What Type of Killer Are You? [cool pictures]
brought to you by Quizilla

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   fear my ninja power!
i can finally add images! watch...ill do it again!

haha! fear my ninja-y power!

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   here jungwoo!

those are the opposite gender in naruto!

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   thats different...
today i took that "which inuyasha hero are you?" quiz and it said i was kilala! how amI kilala? i am not, i repeat, NOT a kittenish, cute, fuzzy thing! i cannot except that! can i?*_*
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