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Monday, July 10, 2006

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Ellozz peoples! Sorry for not posting the past few days, I didn't have much to say ^^;; Yuki and Waya left for the day... Waya's at his pro test and Yuki is... um... somewhere? ^^;; So, I've noticed a lot of people went to go see Pirates of the Caribbean 2 =P I'd go see it if I weren't such a big chicken *bawk bawk* XD I wanna see the 1st one too anyways =P so has anyone ever played DDR? I wanna play! I suck at dancing though -_- can't dance for CRAP XD *is painting her toes blue for no apparent reason* Heehee I havn't gotten my nails done since I was like, 4! So they really suck... XD so anywaysss has anyone here heard of Trish Thuy Trang and Cardin Nguyen? I'm listening to a song by them called "The Chase"... not too bad XD Anyways... Now I'm listening to Butterfly by Dreamy... heh heh heh... the songs i Listen to on DDR are song by:
CREAMY: Neverending Story, I do I do I do
DREAMY: Butterfly

XD That's funny sooo anyways I don't gots much to say today either.. so ja ne, pose laters! *goes back to painting her toenails (though i'm getting more on my skin XD)
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