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Monday, November 19, 2007

Oh boy.

I typed this up once already. and believe me it was long and then my laptop decided it would overheat on me, so now im sitting at the desktop with the cat that decides i may not sit on the chair alone. Oy.

Steph was right myotaku is not what it was 2 years ago, I dont think it ever will be. So..I've decided its time i take a break from myotaku. Besides ever since i've got back online i havent been the best with visiting all the people on my friends list and i really feel bad because a majority of the people on my friends list always comment me. I dont know when myotaku became so filled with drama but whenever it did it just killed the awesome atmosphere that it used to have, dont get me wrong i will always call myotaku my home on the web. After all I met half all my best friends online and i would never trade them.

Im probably going to end up going back to school next year which means i need to start focusing on school and other things and I've been quite busy latley in the past month, with my dad dying and moving up north theres been so many things that have been needed to be worked out its almost possible to have time to be online. Who knows maybe when we move into the new house things will settle down a little bit but i also doubt it since when the summer comes things are going to get really busy since im taking a trip to wyoming, and florida and where ever else my familys going. Its so odd actually having a family.

Maybe my mom was right, I was living in my internet world to the point where i am starting to hate reality. I think for a while I hated moving up here cuz it meant leaving nikky and donny behind but i have to remember that all good comes with some bad and all bad brings good in the end. I want to see my dad again someday and i also want to fix my relationship with God. I've realized something in the past month that amazes me and you could only understand it if you experienced it for your self. I can feel something changing inside of me. Like a big black cloud is finally moving away from my life and i can finally realize what's really meant for me. I owe that all to my family, and Donny mostly. Donny who could have quite possibly had the worst childhood ever but... He's the most amazing, strongest person i've ever met in my lifetime. He wants to help me and I dont want to dissapoint him, and me. I know some people arent very big on God and believe me im not the greatest person in the world. I dont feel like i can say what i feel on myo anymore so i think i'll keep my blogs to blogger where the only one that can read those are Cassie and I trust Cassie with my life and I know she wont judge me and I feel bad about leaving her on myo but I'll always be here and i hope she knows that.

I'll probably try to post once a month or something... but who knows. You can always get ahold of me though

Through Email: Forevergone11@hotmail.com
Windows live messnger/MSN: Forevergone11@hotmail.com
Im me on AIM: Petexpatrick49 OR ThisIsTheFall459
Myspace: www.myspace.com/regret_me

Dont think im leaving hating this place. Myotaku helped me so much in the past two years, and i dont regret anything.

But until i realize that I cant live without myotaku.. I guess this is good-bye.


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