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hi everyone and welcome to my site!here is some stuff about myself. i like video games like super smash bro. melee and halo. i like all kinds of music i like to draw and i like making knew friends so sighn my GB and add me as a friend if you want and ill do the same!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

how are you guys doing today? im doing good i just got done waching the new ff7 move for like the 7th time its awsome!! if you havnt seen it yet you should!. its based on what happens right after the game. im going camping again in three weeks up by six flags so thats cool ummm.. im really sun burnt from camping before and now im pealing damit!! o well i dont care i needed a good tan. well later
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

hi everyone if your wondering why i havnt been on its because i was camping and i just got back. i g2g right now tho ill be on later talk to you soon
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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

by the way today is the day the world is suppose to end because its 6/6/06 whoooo! scary
jk i dont believe in that

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hey everyone this is my second day of finals! only one more left im in my photography right now and im waiting to do my final but theres to many people in the dark room so i cant do it right now so i thought i would say hi while i got time. o ya i went fishing last weekend and we were going up to my moms friends house and i found a shit load of pot plants in her wood by the back yard well i g2g ttyl
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