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Hey... I don't have any art posted yet, but I'm working on it. After what I've seen, I hope I can compete.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Long Time No Fun
Summer School. SUMMER SCHOOL. And I volunteered. Those extra classes next year had better be good. Long time no type. Been reading webcomics. Here's a few: Kitsune Jewel (cute), Parellel Dimentia (awsome), Antibunny (goth rabbits, what's not to like?), Cat's Legend (extreamly original), Bardsworth (utterly hilarious), I Come From Mars (new spin on martian invasion), Nowhere University (hiLARiOUS!!!), Kid Radd (really quite interesting), Slightly Damned (really good), Picatrix (webmanga), Footloose! (extrordinarily funny and random), Dominic Deegan, Oricle for Hire (supprisingly funny and amazingly awsome),and spiky-haired dragon, wothless knight (drama and humor). Site of the hour: Evil Overloard.com. It's Hilarious. Read it now. Adios.
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Saturday, February 23, 2008

   Not Much Goin' On
Sometimes I hate school. And crew. That's rowing. You know, the thing I whined forever and a day about on my last post. That was...oh, two months ago. Lately I've taken to reading online comics. Ther're all pretty good. Then again, if they weren't, I wouldn't be reading them. One of the ones I'm reading are Emergency Exit (www.eecomics.net) by NJ Huff. It's a great, random, absolutly insane comic that is a great read. It's also very well drawn. I highly recomend it. Read the About page. It's about some kids living in their messed up apartment. The kids are each one or more of the below:

1) Insane
2) Idiotic
3) Cynical
4) Whiney
5) A Tech Geek
6) A Witch
7) A Circus Performer
8) Possesed By A Demon
9) Odd Beyond All Reason
10) Even More Insane

It's hilarius! A great read. Another one is Parallel Dimentia (pd.milkinthepantry.com) by Bean. That one's good too. About rifts in reality. Good artwork. Very good read. There's also Fox Tails (magickitsune.com) by Fallon Willard. It's about kitsune's (fox spirits of Japenese origin) and a normal guy named Keen. It's a very original story. Also decent artwork. Another one is Kitsune Jewel (kitsunejewel.comicgenesis.com). It's another very original Kitsune story. I highly recomend it. Last one I'm goin' to let myself babble about is Beyond Reality (orion.comicgenesis.com) by Orion Gates. It's another reality bender. Very interesting. Beyond Reality and Parallel Dimentia both crossover with Emergency Exit at some point in the series. Those are always hilarious. If I had to recommend only one, it would be Emergency Exit. It's my favorite! Bye now!

Random Quote of the Day:
When life gives you lemons, make grape juice, then sit back and let the world wonder how you did it.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

So...sore...going...to...die. WAAAAAHHHH!!! I ache all over from crew. I fell flat on my face a couple times... Ow. I HATE running!!!! FOUR FREAKIN' MILES!!!! In less than two FREAKING HOURS!!! I know what you sport types are thinking. You're thinking I'm a wimp. You think I should suck it up and be a man. Well, I got news for ya. I'm a GIRL!!! A girl whoose only been on the team for less than a weak. A girl whoose all-time running record is two miles in an hour. With stops. I had to run for four miles NON STOP!!! Okay, I'm being a crybaby. I needed that out of my system. And I also lied. I hurt my ankle bad, so I didn't run it straight. I walked a quarter of it. Thank you, foot injuries! But, seriously. It does hurt, and I'm not the kind of person to lie about being injured to get out of things. I may have pulled a muscle....in my ankle? Is that even possible??? Ay, me. Whatever. Sorry you had to listen (or rather read) to my horrible, out of age, whining. I needed to get that off my chest. Bye now!!!
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Sunday, December 2, 2007

I Joined!
I joined the Kyo fan club! Yay! Aemi has the link posted on her site. I have no clue how to add it to mine... Sigh. Well, that's all folks! (Can you type studdering? Y'know, Porky Pig. Of Looney Tunes? If you don't know what I'm talking about, run to the video store NOW!) LOONEY TOONS!!!!! My dad loves looney toons and tom and jerry. Yay Bugs Bunny!!!! I went from Kyo to Bugs Bunny, this time....oops. Ah, well. See ya!
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