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Welcome To Neko-kun's Site!!!!
I might update sometimes, time may vary! =P

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

me just typing for boredom... type type type... anywho, i usually make more chapters in my stories about once a week, Thurs-Fri at most. Sometimes Sat they are released! My Air Gear fanfic is on fanfic.com and the title of "Koukuu Mugen"
my other one can be found in http://generalcraze.ipbfree.com/index.php?showforum=44
under my name, Shadow_Sasuke91 =^^=

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Yay! After a long time, very long time, I have redone my profile!

Yet there may be things that I still need to work on. For example, The Welcome text thingy. I need to finda way to get the text to the left box so it would not be covering Shiori and Yuuchi's face :P.

Anywayz, Last made-now updates:
1. Gained an age or 2! I am 15! =D

2. Father House burned! Ahhhh! And his gf car too! ahhhh!! But thanks to my cat, Kazumi, no one was hurt/killed! She jumped on my head while I was sleeping, I saw it, then I woke up everyone! Yay Kazumi! x3

3. Yay Kirby! fwiends once more!

4. New Year's Day, (btw happy late late New Years!) fireworks but loneness at first, but when me pulled out cell, Kirby made it not so lonely! Yay! Thankies!!! >w
5. Confessed to Kirby bout feelings... nervous at first... but now wuv! yayyyyy!!!! <3333

6. Happy another but late Birthday Kirby! xD

7. Valentine's Day! I gots Pixie and drawing from Kirby >w<. And all I got for her was a flower and a little phrase of words xP

8. I make AMVs! Wooo!!

9. I made more! wooo!!

10. I submitted item for contest on Gaia! Thanks Kirby for drawing it for me >w< *credit to you!* and since we both entered, more chance of oone of us winning!

11. I made Air Gear Fanfict! I made second chapter finally!!! xD

12. I made my own story! only first chapter though :P

13. Do I have to continue? D= my fingers are starting to hurt...

Personalities: What about us? We want to be in a big long post too!

Me: Uguu~ ok.

14. got in touch and more control of personalities!

Aki ~ Light Side

Kuro ~ Dark Side

Kube ~ Romance Side

Yami ~ Smart Side

More soon!! woo! now can I stop? *fingers tired*
Uguu~ forgot animes I now watch and seen

15. Animes:
Naruto Shippuuden
Air Gear
Kanon 2006
Black Cat
Guyver (Long ago :P)
List goes on!
Yay! now I can stop!
laters, sry for uber long post!

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