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Welcome. I see that you've walked right into my little former online studio. I'm just a writer- and a mangaka-in-training who has a plenty of random ideas up his sleeve. My name is Matt.

As if that background weren't a good enough hint, I am working on a manga named Gray Area which I would like to have published in a few years. I'll let you know when I get something done on it. I'm not around very frequently, but I'll update and add to my art more than once a month (hopefully). And please, do sign the guestbook and take a look at whatever I upload relating to Gray Area.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Annoying Internet slang aside, I am pleased to finally make an update on this website after a hiatus of approximately six months. So much has happened: I've started my junior year in high school, spent a weekend in the mountains in New York state, visited several new websites (about which I'll delve into further detail later), done crew as a sport during the autumn, cosplayed for the first time at Another Anime Con as a Sub-Armor-wearing Cye of the Ronin Warriors (with my other friends cosplaying as the other Warriors except Kento), bought and watched the entire series of the Gantz anime, had my sixteenth birthday, become a huge fan of Guns N' Roses and Guitar Hero, fianlly pruchased a PlayStation 2, visited Quebec City during the Carnival and signed up to take the SAT this upcoming Saturday. In other words… I haven't done a whole lot. :Ţ

Now, one would assume that, after six months of hiatus, I'd return with a truckload of artwork for Gray Area. Oh, I wish that that were the case, but the truth is that I haven't anything new for it. In fact, I've decided to redraft it. Several of the characters, including at least two of the protagonists, will look at least slightly different, and I'll hopefully have a new cover and redone versions of the first few pages, which I had actually penciled before.

I mentioned earlier in my post that I have visited and become involved in several new websites and communities in the past months. Well, each one of them explains why I haven't been here. I had mentioned in previous posts that I am in a Mega Man fan community; specifically, it is a community of Megaman Teams. They're websites managed by eight or so people, who role-play as the bosses from a specific game and produce fan works related to their characters. Not too long before the hiatus, I had been accepted as Saturn of the Cosmic Gladiators, a team based on the Game Boy game Mega Man V. However, I also recently started Critical Mass, which is based on Mega Man X5. I encourage any Mega Man fans here to take a look at both sites.

However, I also have an account on deviantART. All my recent works have been uploaded there, and I've more or less moved there. If you want to talk to me again, your best chance of finding me is at my dA page. I hope that at least some of you will visit me there.

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