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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Answers for your questions
Boy I never thought I would have so many questions to answer but it was fun! Thanks everyone for doing it.

Have you ever REALLY liked someone that you really shouldn't have? (Eg. cousins)
Ah that is one naughty yet fun question, MLKK! Hehehe...
The answer is, yes I have. I mean it wasnít love or anything, it was more like a crush and it was so long ago. Ah you know, I was a child and he was three times older than me, he was cute and sweet with me and yadda yadda yadda. =P
Things changed, like the crush is long gone and now heís married and has a son, Iím happy for him. =)

And who is or describe your ideal other half :)
Not so long ago Mimminx asked us something similar to this but I was a bit vague, I think so Iíll see if I can describe it better this time.
So my ideal other half has to be someone kind, sweet, with a dark and silly sense of humour, I love to laugh and Iím easily amused so its a big plus for him if he can accomplish that.
Someone emotionally strong, someone I can feel comfortable but most of all safe, because even though most of the times Iím emotionally stable, there are times when I break down and its comforting to know that I have someone I can run too, lay my head on and tell me that things will be alright.
Hmm a patience man, since Iím a weird person heeeeh. Yeah lots and lots of patience....>_>
Physically well we all want someone cute, right? =P So I donít mind with that, hehe....Oh nice eyes too. Its first physical trait I look to and like anyway.
Because eyes are the mirror of the soul. ^_~
Like I said in my comment to mimminx, I love to spoil and be spoiled so if he likes that too even better!
I know there's so few of those but they exist.

Do you snore?
Well I actually didnít know if I snore or not so since I sleep in the same bedroom as my sister I asked her that and she says, no I donít. Although I do tend to speak loud while I sleep. See what I meant with being weird?

Do you have pets? If so how many and what animal?
I do. Aside from Pocky (the kitty I showed you the other day), I have another cat Ė Apollo, two dogs (Pardo and Bobby) and one gold fish (Romeo I think). Yeah, lots of animals. Iím a pet-person what I can do, heh.

Do you sleep on you side,back or stomache?
On my stomache with half my face covered. weird, I know. I just canít sleep any other way.

I guess it'd only be fair for me to ask you what your favourite dirty joke is, so I'll do that. What's your favourite dirty joke?

Ah I love dirty jokes, especially the one you wrote in one of your posts the other day.
Click here, its the one about a man and his [cute fluffy bunny], hehehe
That one always makes me laugh. X3
You have to tell me more since your so good with those.

What's one embarrassing moment you've had involving the opposite sex?
Ooooh boy....do I have too?
Letís see....
I was around 14 or 15 years old and I was so happy about something I canít exactly remember why but I was walking and moving my arms up and down, up and down and suddenly this guy ran in front of me while my hand was going up and. Yeah. My hand hit his lower back ermm bozoom? When I realize what happened I immediately apologized while all the friends I was with was laughing pretty hard in the back. Embarrassing!

What the top three places you would travel to if you didn't have to worry about cost?
Ah this oneís easy!
1- Canada to visit friends and family. Spend a good amount of time there.
2- Japan!!Tokyo!
3- USA. To visit you and all my other friends too.
That would be so cool if I could do that. Ah well, a girl can dream.

What are you favourite games?
Oh dear, thatís a very very veeery long list but Iíll make it by just saying the top 5
1- Metal Gear Series
2- Resident Evil Series
3- Silent Hill series
4- Gran Turismo
5- TIMESHIFT! Such an awesome game!

What is your favourite movie of all time and why?
Gladiator! I canít get enough of that movie no matter how many times I watch it. Although the movie 300 have conquered my attention as well.hmmm....
I guess I like watching movies that talk about ancient cultures with tough guys that have a soft heart beneath all those muscles.

If you had your own island (other than the one you're on right now :p) what would you call it and what would your house look like?

Gosh wouldnít that be nice?! Hmm could I call people too to join me? ĎCause living alone sucks and Iím not used to it, heh. (Comes from a very large family)

It would have to be a tropical island with white sand and a blue sea, ahhh that would be fantastic. I would call it Mithos, because it would definitely be a myth and I like how spell it, Mee-thos. Fun.
The house can be simple and minimalist, like it could be made of Palm tree with big windows to enjoy the view. //daydreams//

Now can I invite you to join me in Mithos? ;P

What kind of animal would you like to be?
Animal or insect?
Hmm well the animal I would love to be is a black panther, they are powerful, has a kind of mythicism and theyíre just plain awesome. If I was in insect I would love to be a Butterfly. Theyíre magical, beautiful and theyíre completely free even if they live for such a short amount of time.

How would you spend a date with a guy?

Iím a romantic girl and every romantic girl has a very romantic date that they would love to put on practise. Mine is take a walk around the beach, and after watch the sun go down with the boy. Perfect.

What do you like to do for fun out of the house?
Iím pretty sure Iím going to disappoint you on this, schultz but Iím that type of girl that likes to be at home, although I do enjoy to go out, watch a movie, go to a nice place have some dinner with friends and socialize a little. I wish I could do it more often though but Iím unable too since Iím busy with school and stuff and so are my friends.

Any plans for the future?
Well Iím not sure if I said this here but planning doesnít work for me. I have this kind of bad luck every time I plan something ahead it never works out. Aside from knowing what Iíll be doing when I finish college and the trip Iím working hard to happen next summer, I have no other major plans. I just go with the flow, I guess.

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