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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

   Q&A: A for Q . . .
What music do you like?

My official answer is rock, though secretly I adore scores and soundtracks from film and game alike. But yeah, for the record, I'm predominantly a rock guy.

Who's your most favourite character in PotC and why?

At this precise moment, I'd have to be boring and say Jack Sparrow because he's basically just all-around awesome and memorable and all that. I do use Barbossa as my model if I speak in pirate-speech, however . . .

What does: 700 - 482, + 94, multiplied by 6, divided by 42, + 8....subtract a few cows and times a piece of parsley.... equal?

Taken as is, as:
700 - 482 + 94 * 6 / 42 + 8 - few cows (average cost of cattle times three) * parsley (cost of parsley plant)
The answer would be 52.57143 - (3831*3) * (1.79)
Which equals -20478.367

If taking BEDMAS rules into account, which would be:
700 - 482 + (94 * 6 / 42) + 8 - (3831*3 * 1.79),
The answer would be 700 - 482 + 6.714 + 8 - 20572.47
Which equals -20339.756

if we actually made it possible to live on the moon, and made it almost like earth, would you go live there if they offered you the best living conditions?

That would most likely depend on my current situation at the time, like jobs, family, relationships, or whatnot. If those sorts of things weren't too much of an issue, then yeah, I think I could go for living on the moon. It'd be good for grins, I bet.

What are your thoughts on sex?

Secular-type thinker. If you find the right person, you both like each other a lot, then by all means, do what ya need to do. That aside, I imagine life would be very dull if it wasn't around. THAT said, life is somewhat dull for me and it's probably a shame.

Favourite ice cream!?

I'm a big fan of coffee-flavoured ice creams. They're tasty.

Personal hero?

Viggo Mortensen. Extremely artistic, musical, intelligent (freakin' 5 languages or more!), and devoted to his trade. As an actor, he gives his all and takes it just as well (like a sword whack), leads and inspires others through example . . . and he bought a horse for the girl stunt rider because he wanted her to have it.

Him aside, my older brother's not bad either . . . he doesn't bug me about things like everyone else in my family.

If you eventually find out you could fly and the abilities necessary for a super-hero (hearing help signs, nightvision, abnormal strenght, ice breath and so on), would you start planning on becoming a super-hero? And if so, would you start planning your super-hero outfit? Describe it for us please.

I would totally become a super hero. I'm just that uncynical about it. I suppose my superhero outfit would be mostly simple ('cause I can't sew for beans) . . . probably something like jeans and a brown leather jacket or something. Would I need a mask? Maybe . . . but really, it's not like I'm famous or anything, so even if they saw my face I doubt many people would know who I was. And of course, I'd armour myself as much as I needed to, depending on how my powers work and whatnot . . . gotta tailor for what ya got, y'know?

Favorite. Dirty. Joke.

I'll give ya a long one and a short one. First the long one:

A man walks into the doctor's office one day. He says, "Doc', ya gotta help me with my problem... my [CUTE FLUFFY BUNNY] is too long!" Doctor goes, "Hmm... alright, let me have a look..." So the man reaches into his pants, uncoils his [CUTE FLUFFY BUNNY] out from around his leg and holds it out.

"My goodness!" the doctor exclaims while regaining his line of thought. "Well, as of now, medical science can't cure you... however, if you're willing to try something a little more new-age..." The man answers, "Doc, I'll try anything."

The doctor tells him, "If you go behind the medical building, there's a small pond with a frog in it... now I don't know how it works, but if you ask that frog to marry you, your [CUTE FLUFFY BUNNY] will shrink four inches when he replies 'no'." The man stuffs his [CUTE FLUFFY BUNNY] back into his pants and thanks the doctor before heading out behind the building.

Behind the building, the man finds the pond and finds the frog. Shrugging his shoulders, he gives it a go. "Hey frog!" he shouts, "will you marry me?" The frog gives the man a funny look and answers, "no."

The man feels a tingle in his boxers and gives himself a check: miraculously, his [CUTE FLUFFY BUNNY] was now down to 16 inches! "Wow!" the man thought to himself, "this is really working!" So again he looks to the frog and goes, "Hey frog, will you marry me?" Again the frog gives him a funny look and shouts back, "No!"

The man feels another tingle in his shorts and gives himself a check: his [CUTE FLUFFY BUNNY] was now down to an almost manageable 12 inches! The man was absolutely ecstatic.

"This is too good to be true!" the man thought to himself. "After all these years I can finally have a life! But still..." The man stopped to take another feel, another measure. "...I guess one more time will be just perfect..."

Again, the man turned to the frog. "Hey frog! Marry me!"

The frog replied, "Holy [feces]! What the [intercourse] is wrong with you?! For god's sakes... No! No! And for the last time, NO!!!"

The short one, I'll let you google the punchline. There's NO way I'm writing that down here . . .

How do you make a little boy cry twice?
(I'm a horrible person, I know . . . but I loves a good dirty joke!)

Favourite character in Heroes?

Hiro Nakamura, hands down. Though I do enjoy a good Claire moment as well . . . but officially, Hiro. Shock, I know . . .

"What is your name?" "What is your quest?" "What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?"

Sir James of New Westminster.
To defeat King Bohan's armies with three style glyphs in every encounter.
Chuck Norris.

So yeah, that's me, I guess.

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