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Hi...i think. ANYWAYZ!! You have entered the den of ShadowedIceAngel...a wolf demon, and a demon if Ice. But you can just call me Koori. Yes...im looking for paradise like my sister Tsukitheninjawolf. Well....sign my gb and enjoy!!! ^.-

"A wolf howls in the shadows it lay wounded in...forever wanting someone to listen and love them...."

Saturday, September 23, 2006

   Tis I, the bitch with attitude...in other words Tsukitheninjawolf....And I am back Again....
Ok. I have A new Attitude, so don't get mad at me or anything. I changed her site, just like she told me. We may change it again. I dunno. but yeah.

She may update later today also, cuz she is coming over.

So yeah just thought I would tell you.

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