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hehe I haven't used Myo and since I'm going to start again ..I really should fix and or update TT__TT Im sad to say i haveno skill in the art of background >.< sorry unless i get help it will stay simple (ans clean XD) sorry pun ...(i think punny thing are hilarious) And so just to have something on here..here's a vid my friends made WAit never mind...they deleted the second part >.< so here's the MARCHING RADIER BAND

*note: I'm in the back so you can't hear me >< ALSO note that the cid was taking near the trumpets..which are um.. okay (eww) sounding ..Our band is pretty good got 5 out of 15 bands at peach state injoy

Sunday, February 15, 2009

   Sailor moon !!!!!! FSDFGFG HAPPY VAL. DAY / S.A.D
Hello everyone
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Man, I never write anymore, I normally donít have too much to say but still. I guess cause I feel no one really reads this. I donít care though I write because I write. ANYWOOÖ.. >_>
Happy post-Valentine Day and/or S .A.D day! I ended up celebrating it like S.A.D day then valentine T_T cause I went with my friendís house. We played old school Mario HECK YES !!! lol we watched sailor moon too it was funny cause one of my friends never see sailor moon and we were watching the one where sailor scouts were going to the negaforce to save tuxedo mask. We watched how they were all dying to save Sailor moon. I was like (=1) that was me watching (D:) thatís maria, she said we was going to cry and then there was Kristen.. (D8<)  ďO my gosh! Sailor moon is a wimp! ď hahah
Sorry I find it funny ..
MAN I WAS CHOCOLATE!!!!! >_> all that chocolate for Val. Day and I didnít get anything so messed up
Oh yea before I forget <- (see the song pun!) We picked friends to go with the sailor sscouts and I got sailor Mars (Iím not MEAN) Ima draw us in outfit ;D
Iím almost done Iím inking it right now I may be able to scan it today unless I go to my boyfriendís house then itíll be tomorrow. HAHAH C: no school this week !!!! Meaning I GET TO CHAT !!!!
Hey you Princess tut fans I found the best AMV O_O !!! Itís like perfect the song goes awesome with the characters and if you doní t watch Princess Tutu Ö the song is awesome.

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

   la la la ... I hate physics
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It's been soo long....since I posted but I'm sure I wasn't missed. I been sooo buzy with school and APUSH I never get on. I have so much to do now it really isn't fair ><. Then physics... O_O ... I never hated any class like I don this one (that's a lie I hated algebra II too)
Then also when I did post stuff on theotaku ..no one hugged it (it was hugless T_T) I'm SORRY i don't have photoshop and awesome skill but I work HARD T__T UNDERSTAND PPL
I now don't know what else to do ... lol
THats reminds me I new club has FORMED !!!! :O (crowd: OMFG WHERE>!>!>)
I'll tell you where !!!! It's kagurasohma621 's club ^__^ It's an ouran high school club !!

Haven't you found yourself watching ouran high school going "I wish I can designate " now you can! just choose you fantasy name (fake name) and pick which one you want. THen you can post your little stoies of fangirl-ness to share ^__^

That's all for now

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

   and then we lost YET again...
Mi mood: kinda tired
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I havent done much theotaku TT__TT sorry ppl! I at least comment on stuff now i normally just have time to click...look..vote..and get out of there! I been super buzy with homework. My APUSH class gives alot of work >.< but I'm doing good in that class, it's phyiscs thats killing me. I had to spent 3 hours on a report about the phyiscs in ice skating :O not cool.

Ok so more intresting things....BAND *cough* We had game on friday and i was really sure the football team would win..i really was..but like EVERY game,we lost. Yet it's fun at the game. Me and my friend started caramellladanen DANCE!!!
why has no one founded me this song O_e i love it !!!
lets see we also were throwing candy at at another friend of mine (she was in flute section) IT GOT STUCK IN HER HAIR XD maga-ROFL :3 she turned and it fell out but i least we got to laugh..
This for some reason took long to write..:O i guess I'l just end it here ^__^ watch for art on theotaku hopelly i can scan them today
good byes

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

   yesterday's funness
Mi mood: just woke up

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Wow...the reason i didn't get any calls..or had my txt answered was because as i was shopping for pants, my friends made me a surpise party. when i got home, dad was like
"oh Cathy, come look at the pumpkins!"
"Daddy, .... pumkins????"
I guessed by the time we walked into the gate for my in-ground pool but, i got a big SURPRISE form the gang!!!! I told them the whole "pumkin story" and leave it to my friends to be "NO WAY,YOU GOT PUMPKINS"
(they left to go check to)

Thats thier reaction to pumpkins ...i love my friends
oh sooo yea my party was great! we swimmed all day ..lots of laughs ^^ a giant cookie cake..i face stained pink FROM the cookie cake.
It started to lighting so we got out and played the wii ^^ OMG My boyfriend and his BFF got me Mario cart wii :D oh yea !!!
so the whole lot of ppl were in my living room playing but not untill my boyfriend and my friend Danny played a song for us :D
I would download it (when they post it on yotube I'll get a link)
then around 9 we got back into the pool for a nighttime swim (the sun had ready set)
I spent alot of time with Angel :)
over all i had fun

I almost forgot ...we had an after party at waffle house XD because i never been to waffle house! this was at 1 in the morning.I didn't think my mom would let me go but hey ..she did :D coolness
so yea thats my day yesterday. Awesome day

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