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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

   Excuse me if I don't share the same views
Alright, so I get a call from work yesterday after I get home from a friend's house, not for an extra shift, but for me to come in and to fill out some CBTs. That would take an hour (at least)

Therefore, I'm tired and not wanting to do this so I say I can't do it. Then my mother comes in and tells me that Food Lion called. I should have said "They did?" but I stupidly say, "I know" and then make up a quick white lie saying that I turned down a shift, because I wanted to work out with my personal trainer/friend, who I've been making excuses to and whatnot.

Today, my dad yells at me for wanting to work out and not take the hours (1 hour compared to 9 hours) Newsflash: even if the shift was real, I wouldn't have taken it. I don't like working until close (11:00) because I dislike driving at night, unless absolutely necessary.

I don't mind taking shifts, but seriously, if you're just going to keep calling me and asking me to do long hour shifts, I'm not always going to say "yes" instead, why don't you give me hours, hm?

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Something is wrong...
to quote my girlfriend: "What is this fuckery?!"

Alright, something is wrong if we have a test before EXAM WEEK. Something is really wrong when I don't hear about it. Something is extremely wrong when there is an online test to take as well (and no, I'm not shitting you people)


I have had a group project presentation yesterday which I did a lot of work on for my Interpersonal Communication's class, a final paper and presentation for my exam in my Humanities class(these teachers rock) and then biology exam which I need to study for anyways. Does everyone expect us to have enough free time to deal with all this shit? Answer=No

Why does life have to be a bitch and then you die?

Song playing: Enemy by Fozzy

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hello my fellow peoples. It's been a while, I know. (I blame school and what little work I have nowadays)

Anyways, it's starting to irk me how "generous" my boss seems to be at handing out hours to me and some other people nowadays. Heck, I only work Saturdays now, and it's pathetic.

I have tried talking to him. Here's what happens when I do: I get the desired amount of hours for a few weeks, and then they dwindle once again to the predicament I'm in right now.

This Saturday I'm suppose to start at 3, last Saturday it was 2:45, and the week before that was 2:30. If next week is 3:15 or 3:30...

What is this world coming to?

In addition, if you watch the show WCG Ultimate Gamer on sci-fi, then you know that only adds to the frustration as well, especially with that cliffhanger.


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Monday, September 17, 2007

   This has to be the stupidest rule ever at Wake Tech
Alright, everyone knows that I'm at Wake Tech for the moment...but right now I'm currently pissed at some of the rules that deal with the Student lounge.

The two laws that piss me off the most:

1) You MUST wear your student ID badge while in the student lounge.

While this isn't being enforced (at least in my case) I still think it's a little stupid to have to wear your ID badge in the first place. For me, it has one place, and that is my wallet...

2) You can not have ANY food or drink in the Student Lounge

This I got busted on today, and I only had a bottle of water, capped and closed, not even close to a computer either. I can understand soda or something that can stain the carpet, but WATER?!

Anyways, yeah. This explains my pissed off mood right now and the problem is I know that when I'm pissed, usually bad shit happens to or around me.

Music Listening to: Nightwish's Planet Hell

Wake Tech sometimes feels like Planet Hell, to bad I can't slay it like they slay the dreamer...

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