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So...this is the part where we get to know each other? ...interesting...seeing as you are over on that side of the screen and I am on this side. It makes things a little difficult, but I think we will manage. ^_^
Me...what's to say about me that I haven't already told you in that attractive little bar over there? Well I enjoy...no wait, I have already told you that. Ummm...how about I tell you that I enjoy pizza(which isn't very much considering that nearly the entire teenage population does too. O.o) VAMPIRES! I love vampires...you can thank Alucard for that…and DRAGONS, both are very cool. Buuuut...I HATE spiders!!!! They are the most creepy things. They have six to many legs and six to many eyes, very gross. *shudder*

I love to read! *nods* What genre you ask? Fiction and fantasy of course…though every now and then I can deal with a non-fiction but it has to be something really good. Some of my favorite novels include the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, Harry Potter, Inheritance(Eragon stories), Lord of the Rings, and there are more but you guys aren’t here for that!

You’re here for the anime and manga side of things. ^o^ I have many favorites in that category! So lets see…I enjoy Hellsing(includes the Dawn as well), Vampire Hunter D, Chrono Crusade, Trinity Blood, Inuyasha, FullMetal Alchemist, Alchino, Blood Sucker, Chibi Vampire, The Dreaming, The Dragonball series, Fruits Basket, .Hack, Kingdom Hearts, Vampire Knight, Magic Knight Rayearth, Moon Phase, Loveless, Mugen Spiral, Naruto, Tenchi series, Tsubasa, Vampire Doll, Vampire Game, xXx Holic, Yu-Gi-Oh!, I My Me: Strawberry Eggs, Miyazaki’s stuff, Final Fantasy(games and all), and…more… O.o

…and ya know what? Nearly every time I go to a movie store or book store my likes grow just a little bit more! So if you have a series you want to tell me about, go right ahead. ^-^

...>.<... Fear me! For if you anger me I shall send my dragon and vampire hordes after you!! ^o^ So with out further ado...
God is in control and long live anime/manga!!!
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I believe in Christ and I'm not ashamed to say it. If you do and are not afraid to say it then copy and paste this into your profile.

“Insanity is Paradise!”

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Now, as you can tell, I’m a pretty laid back person…But…I do have some guidelines I want followed alright? So here they are:

1. Do not add me as a friend ‘unless’ you plan on actually visiting me.

2. I am going to start cleaning my friends list out every week. If you don’t visit me, you will be deleted. Guys, that doesn’t mean I hate you or anything. It only means my friends list has gotten WAY to big. I am not trying to force you to visit. That isn’t my goal. I can always add you again, it’s not that hard, but I HAVE to thin out my friends list. Only my closest friends have immunity. (You know who you are guys!).

3. If you comment on my posts…I will comment on yours, as long as I can help it. That doesn’t mean I won’t visit you if you don’t comment, but they get top priority because they took the time to visit me.

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7. Do not disrespect mine or anyone else’s beliefs.

8. I will not tolerate any kind of discrimination against race or gender on my page. *waggles finger* This is a biggy!

9. Have fun. Feel free to be yourself…be silly! *grins* I know I am. Join in on our RPGs…the more the merrier!
As long as we all abide by these juicy tidbits we will get a long splendidly!



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Monday, March 17, 2008


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We just got our power on again from when the Tornadoes swept through and now our power is going to be turned off again!! I probably wont be around for a week or two because our power is being turned off. This week just isn't going well for me at all. First my friend dies, then tornadoes swept through, the power was out for a day...and now my power is getting turned off for one to TWO weeks.

That's right, no heat, no air, no water, no TV, no computer , no nothing that has to do with power unless it can run off of batteries. I'm charging my PSP but that wont last forever. *grinds teeth* This SUCKS!!!

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