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Saturday, March 22, 2008

   I'm getting a new bed!

I'm getting a new queen sized bed! whoot! my parents got a new bed and so I'm getting their old one! no more twin sized bed! whoot!

well, I've been running around like crazy the last few days what with work and getting school stuff together for the 31st. It's taking for ever, though. oh well, I'll get it done.

I hope.

and I don't have teburculosis! they just don't know it yet.

well, I'll let you guys go now! bye!
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

   wow, there is alot going on right now.

hey guys, I'm here with Shader...She says "Hi" Anyway, there is alot going on in my life right now so I'm sorry I've not been posting.

I'm starting in my program at the end of March at school and my manager at work isn't going to move me to evenings (not that I want to go to evenings, mind you) so I'm going to have to quit and look for somewhere that will give me an evening job. On top of that I've got shots to get and books to buy and all that crap before April, so lately I'm really stressed out because of all of this but I'm taking it a day at a time.

Anyway, Shade is here becasue the power is out at her house because of the tornados this morning and last night and her water wouldn't work so she came here to hang and take a shower. (she was smelly!) lol!
:Shade: "I wasn't smelly!"
:Alucard:"you do not have the misfortune of having to smell yourself"
Well, Alucard DOES have an amazing sense of smell, so you smell worse to him than you do to me...but I less than three you anyway! (<3)

well, my parents are treating us to Chinese (and after I went and made Ramen too)oh well, I'll give it to Naruto! well, we got to go now, so bye bye for now!
:Shader: Whohoo!
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Monday, February 25, 2008

thanks for the memories

today at work was really strange. This morning I took Day Quill and drunk a cup of coffee and I am never doing that again. I was (and still am) bouncing off the walls. It's insane. One of my friends gets this way if she takes Midol and Ibuprophen...infact, we are going to do something today...lol, imagine that!

anyway. I'm listinig to "Thanks for the Memories" by FallOut Boy and it is really hard to concentrate on typing when all I want to do is break out into song and dance. *Sigh* Why can't my life be a musical. I mean, seriously, today I said "it was bound to happen" and my mind continued with "and one night it did, pappa came home and it was just us kids. He had a dozen roses and a bottle of wine, if he was looking to surprise us, he was doing fine." Thats "Pappa Loved Mamma" by Garth Brooks, for thoes not versed in classic country.

And I'll take you out with "Into the Night" by Santana featuring Chad Kroeger. *dances*
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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