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Hi I'm Shade. I'm a guy, i like anime...duh, i like to draw and play video games

Destati! Tendi la mano
E'giunta l'ora, destati
Le porte verranno schiuse
Su rimembra tu trepida
Su sveglia! Ehi ricorda Destati, Destati
Forza, tendi la mano
Destati, Destati,
E'giunta l'ora,

E ancora una volta
Apriranno le porte

Su rimembra tu trepida
Su sveglia! Ehi ricorda Eh? Come? Non lo vuoi?
Tuttavia t'appartiene
Cio che hai perduto
Diventera uno!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

not much to say, things have been slow here. *blech* boring!
soryy not much else.
See ya

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Friday, April 15, 2005

  Ok still working on getting to that scanner but soon i swear!

My quiz is still in the works but i plan on having it up soon, it will be a personality quiz to see what character from my comic "Shades of Darkness" (this isn't a permanent name for it, but that's it's title for now) you are! it will be very fun! Seven results posible, fun questions, funny answers, you know all the good stuff.

Anyhow i'm kinda running out of things to say so until next time

See ya

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

O.K. i got the pics drawn and i'm quite happy with them ^_^

Now i just have to get to a scanner of some sort and they'll be up!

Kinda bored right now, not much going on. And i'm still kinda planing that quiz i mentioned in my last post. So i guess that's it for now!

See ya

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

  i forgot to mention that i stole (i like to say stole instead of barrow) my friends ipod today and got a song stuck in my head, T_T i want one of those things.
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  hm not much to say right now...................sorry. i was late for school today big time. Along with the drawings that WILL be up soon i swear, i'm thinking of doing a quiz too.

Well thats really it. it was kind of a boring day ^_^;. i need to talk to Dark about some stuff involving the comic, and i'm gonna draw those pics and get them up here soon.

See ya

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Not much to say today,
my car has a new battery so i can drive again ^_^. i want to go to barns and nobel so i can finish the latest volume of Negima. It's very funny. I also downloaded some of the Kingdom Hearts manga!!!! I'm so gonna play that game later probably after Inuyasha......actually my dad is hording the tv so i'm probably not gonna even get to see my anime till it replayes later *irritated sigh*. And on that thought, i'm the third one to get home normaly so i might not get to even look at the PS2 *disapointed sigh*

well i got alot of homework this week and it sucks, and my dad has really been pissing me off latley i don't know if it's cuz he's being rediculus or if i'm being rediculus or what so it is just bugging me *general sigh*.

Oh yeah and i suck at bowling, and i'm stil working on getting those pics up here, it will be done soon though i promise.
If anyone wants to know some stuff about the comic untill then just ask ^_^

See ya

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