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Hi I'm Amber.My top 3 sexys are Sesshomaru,L,and my newest one Ulquiorra <3 lol a little random yes but o well!! lol well I,m a mix of different things and moods and its kinda hard to explain. so talk to me and get to know me ok?

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

lol i don't have on line right now so i don't know how long it will be until i can be on XD and for some odd reason i can't answer messages. maybe its because of V.V? lol idk...i have beed depressed too. my dog got hit by a plow....i loved him
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Saturday, March 1, 2008

lol i hope so much i get to see bleach tonight. lol i might not be able to T_T tho... o well o and today i went shopping XD i got a death note shirt with just kira on it and and another one with L and kira on it. i also got some L pins XD i love them. i got a guns and roses shirt and a motly crue shirt too.o and i got 2 pairs of pants. it was just about 200$ lol. i wanted to get the misa necklace and a whole bunch more i saw but i didn't want to make my dad spend to much XD on sunday ill be coming back home and i might draw. but before I go home i think my dad wants to bring me to an art store. he is impressed by the things i draw XD well any way.....o i think i might draw renji but idk yet XD i can never decide on what i should draw XD oh and one last thing. thx every one for commenting on rukai lol. it was featured too XD yay thx i guess it was good despite what i thought XD
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   N.Y City
hello. i went on a bus yesterday and now im in the big apple XD i am using some one else's computer right now. tomorrow (or rather today being that it is now 2:23 and friday)i will be going shopping. maybe i can get the wii or some pocky or even plushies XD. well any way i want to thank sarah for both scanning my pic and also putting it up. sry for the odd tags tho....i didn't post it so that was all her XD and so is the caption. i hope i am able to watch bleach today (or what ever) o and my L plushy said hi. and yes i broght him. well any way i got to check out and art i missed so by
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Thursday, February 28, 2008

wow this has to be the shortest time it has ever token me to draw something O_o i just hope it's due to improvement not due to lack of quality XD o well and i think i will be able to get it up by march 1st. ill give it to my friend on Friday and ask her to scan it. i want it to get up by then cuz its to celebrate the return of bleach on adult swim. yay! then in about 58-60 episodes later, my Ulqui will be introduced! I so can't wait XD and no the person im drawing is not ulquiorra T_T lol. i hope shes any good too cuz well how fast i was at doing it lol. only took me like and hour tops and then i still need to play around with the shadeing.well any way i need to go and shade the rest and im done so bye bye ^_^
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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

ok well i only just found out that my dad moved to long island. he wants me to go on a bus to queens and stay for the weekend.But i also need to think about something. well i was born in long island and lived there for about 5 and a half years. then we ended moving to upstate and here i am now and i missed L.I ever since lol. but my dad wants to know if i want to go and live with him.he also wants to know if Erick (my brother) does. there are many reasons i would like to go back to long island such as my old friends,memories,more places to buy things,and the summer is great there too. but i want to stay here too because of new friends,i like this house XD,its not as loud as the city, and I have allot of family here too.well idk i think ill stay here but idk....
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sry i didn't post yesterday lol i just didn't feel like it XD well any way im going to star getting money soon...o and (some of you probably know already) but i put nell up. so far i think she is like my best one but then again she was easy and fun (either that or im just getting better) and yay the art teacher got me the pencils and a great sketch book. i think i am going to be done with some thing soon too. its not taking me as long as it always does but i think that might be because i am not in a compleat drawing mood XD o well i just need to draw the face,add lines, and then shade and its done. Basically im just messing around with my new pencils....oh and im having fun right now. i started looking for my costume for next years holloween lol. my mom might get me this one half of it soon. it went form a 50 50 chance to a 75 25 chance so yay for me XD well any way this post feels long....i shall make it longer XD. lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala lalalalalalalala lalala lalalalalalalala lalalalalalalala lalalalalalalalala........ ummm my bologna has a first name its O.s.c.a.r. my bologna has a second name its M.e.y.e.r. OHHHHHH I love to eat it every day and if you ask me why I'll saaaaaay. Cuz Oscar Myer has a way with B.o.l.o.g.n.a!!! YEAH!!!! WOOOO! lol sry
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Sunday, February 24, 2008

  lol yes the subject is from hueco mundo cup♥ lol
well any way... i went to sarah's house and messed around all weekend. we watched all the episodes of HMC lol.I now know that her obsession with Gin knows no bounds.....lol.
o and i saw her renji plushy,wall scroll, and ate pocky♥,we wanted to make a bleach spoof of voice over thingy or what ever you call it but we had no mike T_T lol its because on the end of the last hueco mundo cup it said enter your own short one in and (my Ulqui♥) will review it!! lol i would love it! XD so now im on a hunt lol....i can't do much tonight on the comp. because i have allot to do before sunday...o and i now know wjat i want to be for Holloween lol. im not gunna say because its a suprize XD you can guess tho (excluding you sarah-sama) kk thats all XD

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