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Monday, January 15, 2007

   The book im writing with my Gaia friend.
By :PenKittyChan

Name: Melena
Age: 14
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Appearance: Dark brown hair in a descending bob cut, dark turquoise eyes, pale skin w/ ruddy complexion, tall, skinny, flat-chested, scar on the right side of her neck (a normal scar, not a vampire-induced one)

Melena clung to the bars of cage and stared out into the pitch-black room. "WHAT'S GOING ON?" She screamed. She was absolutely terrified. "LET ME GO!"

Melena had been walking home from school...and that was all she could remember. That, and darkness, and know this steel cage that swung precariously when she moved too much.

Her high pitched shrieks clattered around the room with many other screams, most of which didnít belong to Melena. Obviously, she wasnít alone here.

A heavy stone was in the pit of Melena's stomach. At the back of her mind, she knew where she was. And she knew that she was doomed.

Suddenly, a few candles flickered and lighted. The wide, still dark room was now faintly lit. But this wasnít much of an improvement. Melena could now see the faces of the other terrified humans in the room, most clinging to their cages in the same way as Melena.

In the center of the room stood a man. No, not a man. A vampire. One of the legendary members of the undead.

Melena thought she was going to throw up as the man growled in a coarse, deep voice, "All of you shut the hell up, or I'll put you in hell. Don't mess with Ryan, 'cause Ryan will do more than mess with you."

Silence was immediate.

The vampire raised his upper lip into what was once a smile, but was now just a gruesome twist of facial features.

Melena backed up, away from the creepy male, her cage swaying and creaking with the movement. She was shaking with fear.

Ryan paced over to a blood red door and, with one final leer at the terrified humans, opened the door. A flood of dark figures entered the room and began staring at all the humans.

Vampires. So there really was a black market for humans.

Melena could taste something coppery at the back of her throat, but she swallowed hastily, then tried to make her self as small a figure as possible. She knelt down in her cage and wrapped her arms around her legs, tucking her head down into her thighs.

Melena's mother worked in a grocery store, and one of the things she had told Melena was, "If a meat looks good and strong, like it will make a full meal, it gets sold like that!" Melena's mother had snapped her fingers, then continued. "But if meat looks pathetic, fhaw!" She had snorted. "It will never be sold."

And so, Melena made herself look like a pathetic weakling, hoping this would keep herself from being sold as a bloody meal.

Unfortunately, this had the opposite effect. As if they smelled her fear, her weakness, many dark figures flocked to her cage, peering past the bars to get a good look at her.

Melena cursed internally.

One vampire asked Ryan in a low, husky voice, "How much for that girl?"

Ryan didn't even hesitate before saying, "$950."

"Nine hundred and fifty dollars?" Melena thought, outraged. "I'm worth more than that!" But she keep silent.

Another vampire growled, "She's got a scar on her neck. She's worth about $200, with her prime meat already nibbled on."

A few vampires began muttering, "Second-hand wench," and "I'm not buying pre-chewed," and "You trying to cheat us with old meat, Ryan?"

Melena fumed angrily and fingered her scar, her only memory of her father. According to her mother, Melena's father had given her that scar when he was drunk one night, nearly slashing his daughter's throat with a pocketknife he was messing around with. That was the night Melena's mother decided she wouldn't take it anymore, and kicked Melena's father out of the house.

"I'll buy her for $950."

Melena's head snapped up out of her "pathetic" position and she stared at the man who had made his offer for her.

Ryan licked his lips and muttered, "Done," then held out his hand for the money.

In movements too quick for the human eye, the money was exchanged for the key to Melena's cage, and soon she was being yanked from her steel prison and pushed into the cold, hard arms of her buyer.

By: Blood_Among_Darkness
I walk into the dark building. I wore a cloak so as to hide my gender.
Those sleazy auctioneers give better deals to males.
It's a shady looking place. That's how I like it; it's the environment I grew up in. I decide to see if they had some females for a decent price. With the growing demand they were becoming expensive. Especially the virgins. Male vamps are so stupid. They donít see that the value lies, not in how often its been used, but the quality and purity of the blood. Who cares about weather or not the meats been raped. Doesn't change the Quality or the worth.
But if I act how I feel, of course my gender would be obvious.
I spotted a young specimen in a cage in the far left corner of the slave house. I'd put her at 14 years; ruddy complexion, blue eyes, flat chested, and overall quite pretty: this one was top-notch. I addressed Ryan lowering my voice. I thanked the gods for the cold I had developed.
"How much for that girl?" The human curled up into a pathetic ball. She was PERFECT.
I heard the girl scream in her mind. So... she thought she was worth more?
I chuckled. A vampire at the table next to me advised not to purchase her for that much.
"She's got a scar on her neck. She's worth about $200, with her prime meat already nibbled on."
The others around the room muttered angrily. I felt there hopes for a brawl over the girl. I would not appease them.
"I'll buy her for $950."
"Done." He thought he had gypped me and was proud of it.
They unlocked the cage and the human was given to me. We walked out of the shop into the snow.
I listened to her thoughts as we walked slowly to my place.
She wanted to run, to escape. She wished she had wings so she could fly off. She shivered and I noticed she was barefoot. Strangely enough, I felt sorry for the human.
"Hey kid." I said gruffly. "You...uh..." I felt awkward. Why? I bent down and looked at her. Her eyes were thoroughly terrified.
"What's your name?" couldn't just call her "human".
"M-Melena." she stammered.
"You want wings so you can fly away do you?" she looked shocked
"How-how'd you kno-"
"I heared you thinking" I replied.Ē donít get any ideas."
I got up and we continued. I was getting thirsty.
We walked into my place and I shut the door. She just stood there as I removed my cloak when she saw me she gasped...
"Your a human!" People often make that mistake about me. My demon side gives me retractable fangs.
"Guess again." I lunged at her, extended my fangs, and tackled her to the ground. she screamed

I grabbed her roughly and pulled her hair back. The scar over her jugular pulsed violently. Her heart pumped the blood through her veins much faster from the scare I gave her. That would make my meal easier to get.
I bit down and the blood gushed into my mouth. I drank hungrily as I held the girl still. Her blood was wonderful. The warmth spread throughout my entire body. It bound me to her like marriage would to a couple. Any other vampire who tried to taste her would, literally, vomit out their stomach if they defiled our bond. thatís what I loved about magic.
I put a finger down on her wound and it began to glow. A few moments later she was healed. I felt replenished.
I hadn't had blood for two years and it felt amazing.
I was powerful again.
I looked down at the girl who, naturally felt dazed. I laughed at her weakness, no longer feeling sorry for her. No longer caring about her fear.
I was superior. She began to cry as she realized what I had done.
"What's the matter human?" I said "Can't handle a feeding?"
She continued to weep.
"Get used to it. I tend to be a heavy user."


Melena wrapped her arms around her quaking form and shuddered violently. The vampire woman had left...after having drained her of some of her mortal blood.

Dry sobs made her body lurch, and she made small, weak hacking noises, like a little cat choking.

This was horrible. Her body burned, and her neck seared with pain. Her vision had disappeared for the time that the vampire had been suckling from her---now all she could remember was a horrible, dark pain.

"Please, God," Melena wept. "Stop this? What did I do to deserve this? What? TELL ME!!!" She screamed in anguish and frustration.

Suddenly, the room started spinning. Her blood loss was making her woozy, and the scream had drained whatever was left of her energy. As darkness enveloped her consciousness, Melena thought, "Please, just make the pain disappear..."

Then she collapsed and didn't move for the next three hours, until the thin rays of sunlight began to spread across the city rooftops, ending the reign of the vampires...for that night, at least.

I was in the basement, dark and decaying like a mummies tomb. I had descended, for the sun had just come up: I couldnít leave. That was the one thing I despised about myself. I couldn't leave the house./ Oh well...
I opened a latch on the southern wall. Inside was a single tile. I pressed my hand lightly on it. It sank slowly into the wall grinding as the stone wall rubbed against it.

I walked slowly upstairs into my living room the windows were sealed shut with iron panels. The sun could not enter the house. I turned on the lights and spotted the human just holding on to consciousness. She still hadnít moved? Then I realized.
She was a first timer. I had totally forgotten!
"Crap." I said. She had to be in a shit-load of pain. The strain from the bond had sent her nerves haywire. I went to the kitchen and opened the cupboard above the stove. I grabbed an herbal substance called Quinfarien root. It shut down all pain receivers until the nerves stopped sending out pain signals.
I sliced off a corner of the root and held it close to her mouth.
"Here" I said softlyĒ Eat this. It'll stop the pain." When she didn't open her mouth I held her nose. She parsed her lips tightly. But she had to open her mouth to breath. Finally she did and I slipped the rooting. Good thing it tastes okay or she may have spit it out.
She groaned as the medicine began taking effect. Then slowly her body relaxed.
She looked up at me. Again I felt empathy for her .I knew how she felt.
I smiled sweetly at her. She was a cute little human.
I could hear her debating me in her mind.
I had hurt her badly, yet I helped her.

Was I evil? Or not?

Melena kicked out at the vampire woman. "Get away from me, you bitch!" She spat.

The vampire jumped away easily, then bared her teeth. "Stupid girl," she hissed. "I see humans still are ignorant of gratitude."

"Gratitude?" Melena couldn't believe her ears. "For what? Buying me in a slave market? Sucking my blood? Dripping your poison into me? What the hell do I have to be grateful for???"

The vampire woman seemed to be thinking.

I was angry but I could see the girls side. She was sold to me and I drank her blood, that much was true. But she failed to realize the gift I had given her. Any other buyer would have done much worse. And I hadn't told her of the things to come. I bought her not for slavery. But as a possible heir. I was never good at negotiating. So I channeled her.
I looked into her eyes and locked contact. She would not be able to look away. I sent pictures of the things I have seen done to other slaves.
Then I showed her a memory nobody had ever known about.
The last slave I had bought. Actually he was free of charge, because he had been driven to the brink of insanity. He had been used so often without neutering he had developed BLTS (hawÖhawÖ a sandwich...how funny...) Blood Loss Trauma Syndrome.
I nurtured him back to mental and physical health. And I bought his freedom papers.
I showed her the hundreds of humans I had freed after taking only one thing in return.
A single feeding.
I was the Red Spirit.> 
By PenKittyChan
Melena clutched her head and started to groan. Too many pictures were coming in too fast. And they were all in a clarity too perfect for the human mind to grasp. Things she would never have notices, like the way the clothing folded against the bodies of the people she saw, were in absolute focus.

The vampire watched her, confused. Then she realized. The girl was only human, and the vision of a vampire's was much different from ordinary mortals.

Just as she began to reach out to her with her icy fingers, the girl stopped moaning. Instead, she stared at her in shock and horror.

"I...I don't understand..." She whispered, her voice breaking. She scrabbled away from the vampire, still on her back, shaking. "Are you going to kill me, or just keep me here forever, playing with me like a cat with a mouse? Am I to be freed---only to find my mortality gone, my family disappeared?"

The vampire woman snorted. "You read too many horror books," she chuckled.

Melena's features darkened. "I read too many news articles, you mean," she corrected coldly.

The vampire woman bowed her head sorrowfully. "I'm sorry your kind lives in fear, but that is the way it must be. The weak must bend to the strong. I do what I can, but I cannot deny my own needs."

The girl started to speak, but the vampire woman silenced her by raising a finger and saying, "No more questions...I must sleep."

In the blink of an eye, Melena was alone, with only her contradicting thoughts and the memories of the vampire's deeds to keep her company.

I walked slowly to by bedroom. Humans. Ugh, there minds were so vague.
The only human I had met who could handle my visions had died in a battle against the Lycans. He had been a good friend...no.
He had been more than that. He had a sympathy for our kind. He knew the torture we had to go through growing up as humans, pretending to be something we weren't. Then to be stripped away from our parents who really were human.
Quite to the contrary of human myths, vampires had to be born so. Humans could not be converted so easily. there was a rebirthing process followed by the first feeding then a sworn oath of loyalty to the vampires.
I, who was born vampire, never took that oath. If I had,I would have turned to a demon of death. the worst of the demons. And the most pain wridden life you could emagine. They say that hell itself is not as agonising.
Melena was uncapable of realising this, unless I put her through it. But I wasnt that cruel.
I entered my room and opened the dresser drawer. There were her freedome papers: I would give them to her in the morning.
For some reason I wanted to hear her thoughts again. So I connected
I was too far away to hear thoughts, but I picked up some feelings.
Fear, confusion, contempt, anger, and ...
I was thoroughly surprised. gratitude.
Perhaps the visions had shown her what I had done after all.
I slipped into bed disconnecting.

Perhaps, I thought, she could be the next Red Spirit.
I smiled.
I realized that she was more to me than the others. She may not know it yet, but we shared a special bond.

Melena took a deep breath, then crawled out of the window. With a thump, she landed on the ground, and with a nervous look she sprinted away from the vampire's home.

She had to get out of there. Even if the vampire was good...no. There was no such thing as a good vampire. It was all a trap. A trick. A lie. But at least it was daylight now...and she could make her escape.

Little did she know that as she sprinted down the dimly lit streets, she was being pursued by a creature unaffected by the golden sun's rays.

A lycan stepped out from the shadows and followed swiftly after her, his eyes glinting malaciously in the sunlight, a smirk twisting his features.

He knew that this was the prey of his love...the vampire woman he longed for. Daliah. But she did not...return his feelings. Now was his chance to prove to her that he was worthy. He would re-capture his love's victim and bring her back to Daliah.

Drakon licked his lips and hurried even faster towards the human. Luckily, unbeknownst to her she was wandering straight into a dead end.

Rounding the alleyway bend behind her, Drakon smirked once more, then muttered in a sudictive voice, "Hello, love. Are you lost?"

By: Blood_Among_Darkness

I shot up. A disturbance!
Melena! I tried to connect...OUT OF RANGE??!!!
I hopped out of bed and rushed to the door.
Wait! ...the sun...*sigh*
"She's gone..." I had hoped...oh well. There would be anoth-
scratch scratch.
"Who-" I looked through the uv protected peep hole.
There stood Drakon...with the girl draped over his gorgeous, muscula-NO!!!!
I COULDNT THINK LIKE THAT! His kind...our kind. It was impossible.
I slipped on my cloak and opened the door.
"Come in." Drakon sweped in and set the girl on the floor.
"A token of my affections." he said and bowed.
"Thank you Drakon." donít blush. donít blush. DON'T BLUSH!
...I blushed.
He looked at me affectionately. I tried to stay neutral. For once, it didnít work. I smiled back, then quickly went expressionless.
"You...may go now. Unless you wish payment, which I'd be happy to give."
He stepped over the unconscious girl over to me and slipped one muscular arm around my waist.
"Only your love in return for mine." I pushed away.
"Iím afraid I have none to give." Liar! Liar! LIAR!"Please leave me to deal with the human.

He looked shocked.
Oh shit! I channeled that!
Drakon smiled as only I could see so.
"As you wish." and he closed the door behind him.
I looked down at the girl. I couldn't believe I'd let him know.


Daliah ran a distressed hand through her crimson hair and sighed before leaning down to the unconscious brunette.

"Listen," She said softly. "I'm not going to hurt you. But there are creatures out there who will. Did you ever think of that? Wandering around the streets alone is what got you here in the first place. What makes you think its safe now?"

Daliah reached out a pale white hand towards the girl, and lightly touched her shoulder. "I'm not going to hurt you," she repeated. A small lie, but nonetheless, true for her purposes verses the purposes of other creatures.

Suddenly, Melena roughly pushed Daliah onto the ground, away from her. Daliah was so surprised, she tumbled to the ground.

Her blood red eyes flashed angrily. "What--" she started to say, trying to get back to her feet, but Melena leapt on top of her and held her down, covering her face with her hands.

"No!" Melena cried. It was her cry that made Daliah stop fighting her off. Melena's cry was filled with...worry?

"Don't move," Melena advised, then wordlessly pointed towards the patch of sunlight that was slowly creeping towards them as the sun rose in the sky.

Daliah's eyes widened. The girl had saved her from sure pain.

Once certain that her vampire mistress was clear of the danger, Melena leaned back and pushed a strand of brown hair back over her ear, looking abashed. "I...I'm sorry..." She whispered softly, staring at the floor.

In a fluid motion, Daliah dodged the sunlight and was sitting next to Melena, her arms wrapped around her shoulders and her face buried into Melenas hair.

Melena looked started, then a few tears slid out of her eyes and she slowly wrapped her weak arms around her vampire.

Daliah smiled happily into Melenas soft brown hair. She knew she had been right about the bond between them. And now, it was stronger than ever.
Just when she thought she had lost her Red Spirit heir, she had come back to her. And she
was ready. The both of them, were ready for what would lie ahead. Even if one was totally unaware of the dire consequences.


I gently felt the girls neck with my trembling fingers. They ran over her scar. It was quite grotesque: jagged and long.
"My dad made that. He wad drunk." she was calm. I felt gratified that she felt safe with me.
"He didn't deserve you. You are a wonderful child." I looked Into her eyes. "I'm glad I found you."
I straightened up and spoke firmly.
"We will now begin your training." Melena looked confused.
"You are to become the red spirit, are you not?" I looked at her sternly.
"You need to be trained. So get up." she did so smiling. We both new she was ready.I took her hands in mine.
"Are you willing to give up everything to become the Red Spirit?"
She didn't hesitate. "Yes." her spirit was uplifting.
Then I looked into her eyes. "Even your humanity?"

By: PenKittyChan

Melena hesitated, then looked up, determined.

"On one condition," she said. "I--I wanna see my mom. One last time. Just tell her I'm okay. Please?"

Daliah blinked, then nodded, brushing a piece of Melenas hair out of her eyes. "Of course."

Melena blushed, then said, "And...um, I'm sorry...but I still don't know your name."

Daliah blinked, then smiled. "Daliah. My name is Daliah."

Melena nodded, then tried out the name, rolling it around on her tongue. "Daliah."

She giggled, then hugged Daliah again. "Yes. I'll be the Red Spirit. Just...what is it?"

By: Blood_Among_Darkness

I looked at her, confused. Then it hit me.
"I never told you what it was, did I?" I laughed at my own stupidity.
"Ha! Ha! Ha! I forget, I stopped thinking out loud." I put on a straight face and sat on the couch.
"The Red Spirit is a being, who betrayed its kind long ago." I began. "It grew tired of watching the human race dwindle away by our hands. Finally humans, the entire race, were either in hiding or enslaved.
The Red Spirit, became enfuriated and posessed a vampire, the very creature who enslaved the humans, and began freeing them by the thousands. Sort of like the one Harriet Tubman of your race in ancient times. Then the Great Vampire Council got wind of a very valuable human,
Dr. VanHellsing, who; at the time, was in league with the vampires, had been turned and they pursued him. Before they could even predict where he was, he and the Red Spirit killed the head elder of the council, Dracula.
Rumors were that VanHellsing had died in the battle, but in reality, he and the Red Spirit bonded spiritually...


Melenas eyes glistened with curiosity. "Go on, go on!" She urged

"Over the centuries, the Red Spirit has lived and died many times, but its blood,it's blood is alive on its own with the lives of its friends all whom have died for the cause of freedom. Before the red spirit dies, long before, it takes on an apprentice, or friend as I like to call it and trains them for the rest of its life. Taking them on missions and obsticles of all kinds to free the humans.
All through this time, the Red Spirit gives its blood to its friend so that is begins to manifest inside the new body. Then on its death bed it passes its last drop of blood into it's friend and a new red spirit is born."
I took a long deep breath. Melena listened eagerly waiting for more.
"That's it." I said matter-of-factly. I closed my eyes. wondering if she would let me sleep. All was silent.
I opened an eye. She was still there. I sighed. I guess I'd have to start the process now if I wanted sleep. I got up off the couch.
"C'mon best start now." she stood up.
"What do I do?" she asked. I strode behind her and moved her hair.
"Just stay still."
"Wha- Ah!" I bit down and began to drink. God! Her blood was freaking intoxicating. So good, it made me want to drain her. But I took control of my animal instincts and began to push. I pushed as hard as I could muster and finally my blood ran slowly out of my hollow fangs, and into the wound. Her skin began to turn blue around the my mouth. the transfusion was finished for the day.
"There." I said as I healed the wound groping it softly. Melenas skin returned to its regular shade. I turned her around. She was asleep naturally. I lifted her lip.
"Wow." her canines had already elongated to fangs. By morning they will have hollowed out.
I had held her up from underneath her arms ad the transfusion would loll her to sleep. I lay her down on the couch and spread a blanket over her. I closed the blinds tightly and went to bed. I would wake up around sunset automatically. So would Melena. She was a vampire now after all. 

While Melena slept, she dreamed.

She dreamed of a river of blood, rushing and loud. Across the river was Daliah.

"Cross the river!" She called out to Melena, beckoning with a pale white hand.

Melena shook her head. "It's too gross!" She shouted.

Daliah stiffened, then said, "I picked wrong. You are not the Red Spirit."

Melena shook her head. "No!" She shouted. "I am! Daliah! Please!"

Daliah disappeared.

Melena woke screaming and sweating. It was 3:15 AM.


I looked into Melenas scared eyes. "Whatís wrong?"
Melena panted and slowly calmed down. She looked up at me and I connected. I replayed the dream. As I disconnected I felt sick.
"That IS too gross." We both laughed. I looked at her fangs. She didnít know yet.
"Go back to sleep. Here" I touched her forehead.
"Este Unam el gatuenchitorum delom." Melena looked at me strangely.
"You wont have anymore dreams tonight." I said. She smiled and lay back down.
"Thanks." and she immediately fell asleep.
I went back to bed.


Drakon kicked a pebble and gazed up at Daliah's house.

"Damn," he muttered. He had hoped...but why wouldn't Daliah just accept him? He knew that she loved him at least!

He ground his teeth together and growled lowly.

Then he noticed something. Something dark was swiftly moving towards Daliah's door. But that wasn't the strange part. The strange part was that they were head for the window, and not the door.

"Shit!" He exclaimed. Daliah had had problems like this before...vampires coming to extingsh her reign as the Red Spirit. But...never before in pure daylight. This was bad. Very bad.


Not again!
There was a rattling at the window. I got up and ran to the kitchen.
A dark shadow was at the right corner window. I sighed...I was never going to get any sleep today. I waited behind a couch. I would try to enjoy this:I hadnt been in a fight in a while.
The shadow stepped back and lifted its hands. A great energy grew and blasted through the wall.
Dammit! Now there was a mess to clean up!
I waited and let the figure come in. It looked around cautiously in it's black cloak. I could sense it was human. But in league with the vampires. I snuck behind it and followed to the living room there was Melena, sound asleep.
"Finally." said the figure undr its breath.
I summoned a sword from the wall decor silently and slipped directly behind the cloaked creature. I sensed a female presence. I grabbed her arms and but the blade at her throat.
"You picked the wrong day to break in my house bitch. Im tired and you woke me up."
The human breathed low and froggish.
" Then let me...PUT YOU TO SLEEP!!!!" she flipped around and flew to the other side of the room, grabbed a sword and rushed at me.
"Melena! Wake up and go to the basement." She got up and dodged a swipe as she ran to the hall and stopped.
"GO!" she didn't move. I cartwheeled through the air and landed on all fours, the whole time jabbing and blocking the humans sword. I looked at her and she summoned up energy throwing it at me. I raised a hand to block. There was a grat explosion.My arm had saved my life, but it was gone now.
"NO!" it was Drakon. He ran angrily towards the human and began tearing at her. I knew this would happen. I laughed.
"HA!HA!HA!HA! Human you dont realize what youve done!" I felt more alive than ever as my blood manifested to the missing limb and took on a life of its own. "Out of the way Drakon!" he ran to the corner of the room realizing what was to come.
"Baken Gokua!" I screamed and my blood took the shape of a dragon and consumed the human. It imploded in a flash of light and left the human on the ground. My blood seaped back into the wound and my flesh began to regenerate.
It felt good knowing how much it took to kill me.
"Melena. Come and help Drakon and I clean up the abomination."
I knelt down by the girls head. I checked her eyes: milky white.
She had been confounded, taken over by the Vampire Council. She did this against her will.
Oh well. No good waisting a perfectly good meal.
"Dig in guys."
Drakon ripped into her ribs and began to swallow large hunks of flesh, as Melena stood there in shock. I walked over to her, grabbed her hand with my now rejuvinated arm and brought her too the carcass.
" Go on honey eat something." That snapped her out. She looked at me as if I were crazy.
"Are you kidding?! I'm not-" she suddenly eyed the girls neck. She lunged at it and bit down... 

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

   im back!!
nothing else...oh wait! to all my friends espesially dark_desires,cant_escape,and vampiric_angel


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Tuesday, October 3, 2006

   Mark... *sigh* ...so sexy.
well we went on our outing and we had a good time
but the best part is that i whent on a date with mark and he was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo SEXY!
were planning on staying this way as long as we can.he isnt one to rush into...well...yeah! but we did go pretty far.

PS:he's a foreplay GOD!!! ^-^

PPS:KuNoIcHi963's avi is soooo cool!

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