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Monday, July 2, 2007

Mood: Sleepy

I landed in Boston safely at about noon. I had to wake up early though, and the home that I was sleeping in made me nervous and paranoid. I think I hear so much more in the dark than I do in the light; I was constantly hearing cracks and pops that would jerk me upright. Maybe I was just restless and jumpy, since I was kind of nervous on finding I would have to do a lot of things by myself in an airport.

Turned out I worried over nothing, since my mom was allowed to go with me through security. xD; I know it sounds baby-ish, but it was a slight relief.

Ooooh~! I had a huge sushi lunch. It was so good! I haven't had sushi in almost a year. *hearts*

x3 And now I'm at my aunt's house in NH. The weather is so humid-free and cool, though I didn't go to the lakes today because it would be freeeeezing. But I might go tommorow with my friends and pig out on fried dough. XD

And then do it the next day on 4th of July. It's kind of a tradition to hang out at the lake all day and wait for amazing fireworks while pigging out on sugar-covered fried dough and awesome fries. xD

Oooh, -pets Bella-. Bella is my aunt's German Shepard, the most kookiest dog I've ever met. She's so animated... And freaking loves me! Haha! -glomps her to death-


I have new wallpapers. My newest one is my favorite, but I am far past disappointed on finding that it only had a few downloads. Give it a little boost? It's my Sora one.

View my portfolio here.

Please help it have a boost. D': It would be much appreciated.

I will try to get to as many sites as I can today. I am sorry if I miss you; this computer I am on his hard to work with.

Thanks for reading!

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