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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bored. Nothing much has been happening with me. D: Nothing ever goes on in this town. I can't wait until New Hampshire. @_@

I'm almost finished with Siddhartha. Why do they always pick not-so-interesting books for us to read over the summer? Well, there's no use in complaining. xD I can't do anything about it.

This isn't going to be a long post [much to your relief, curseofthezodiac], since I really don't have much to say. oO;

The night before last I went with my mom, her Russian friend [who was a huge star on Broadway for dancing.], and her son [a russian interior design student who goes to school in NYC] to see the musical West Side Story. It was fun, and I am always impressed by that theatre's works. It's at a college and all the students are simply amazing, and the set design is always breathtaking. n_n I'm such a theatre freak. Hehe.

But, you knw how it is. Something always happens to mess it up. Out of the 800+ seats in the theatre, I was stuck in front of at least three rows of rowdy kids from a camp who, I guessed, probably had never stepped foot inside a theatre. I dislike people like that; they have no respect and think it is like watching a movie at home. Well, it's not. =/ Sorry, but it really ticks me off to have people laughing when someone gets shot on stage, ruining the moment and hard work actors have put in so rigorously to entertain us.

I seriously hope none of you act that way in a theatre. xD

Haha, thanks for commenting yesterday. :] I'm off to your sites now.

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