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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Current Mood: Excited ^3^

-rolls around on the floor-

Hey, Myotaku-ers! This is Blackbird's first myO post, and I just wanted to say hullo to all of the wondrous people who have ventured over to my site. I look forward to adding you as a friend and signing your guest book if you do the same.

Call me Blackbird. I'm a fifteen year old chick going on to her sophomore year in high school. Hoorah! No more freshman for me. ;P

Hmm... I am in need of some assistance to you professional CSS users who know how to do their stuff. I've seen on some random mYo sites that I've been on that, not only do they have much more profile stuff (more than 1500 characters in their 'Profile' section), but also have gotten rid of those pesky adviertisements like you see above my welcome post. If someone could lend me a hand here, that would be great. I'm quick learner. xD

As you can tell from my current theme, I love Final Fantasy... and Balthier. -squee!- ^3^

=/ But. . . It seems my background picture is much too mainstream. Too common, you know? Maybe I'll fiddle with it on Adobe.

Thank you for reading! Comment and I'll hapilly return the favor!

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