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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 02/16/08:
lol my party

Full Metal Alchemist Party! by Elemental_Alchemist
Al....Watched you and Hughes play DDR
Ed...Put Mustang's hand in cold water as he slept lol
Mustang...Stole Al's head, pretending it was a basketball.
Winry...Toke appart the radio, so much for music.
Hawkeye...Played truth or dare with Winry, Al and Hughes.
Hughes...Brought millions of pics of his cute little daughter
Your party pic
The party lasted this many hours89
Chances you'll all have another party

Result Posted on 02/16/08:
Wow wild night....

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Party! by xShadeSlayerx
Favorite Color
Favorite Anime
Your Alchemist Name
You came withEnvy
You danced withPride
You kissedGreed
Ed...Wanted you so badly
Al...Would do anyhting to have you
Envy...Wants you badly
You got this drunk
You enjoyed yourself this much
You woke up next to...Roy

Result Posted on 02/05/08:
yahe i knew it

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What Humonculi Are You?
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Result Posted on 02/02/08:
Ya but no so gender confused

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What Akatsuki Member Are You?
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Result Posted on 12/03/07:
SO FLIPPEN TRUE! ^___________^

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What’s Your Bleach Fun-ness Level?
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Result Posted on 12/03/07:
ok im not into the show but yay

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
What Bender Are You?
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Result Posted on 11/25/07:

Who's your Bleach date number one?!? LONG RESULTS (Girls only)

Hitsugaya Toushirou!Your name: Umi Takei 5th seat 10th divisionHitsugaya is such a closed person. Despite that he still shows his strongest feelings. Hitsu' loves you ^^ Well, maybe one of the reasons is that you're shorter than him... You really left Hinamori to a shadow when Hitsugaya saw you. But hey what's this... WITH YOUR CAPTAIN!? Hey!!! Ehem... anyway... let's go on with the result...Where/How did you meet;You had made it to the shinigami school. Barely. They had said that you need to practice a lot more than any others... How rude, you had thought. Well then, you had no choice but to train many hours a day, alone. You just wanted to pass... You wanted to become a real shinigami and serve one of the captains of the Gotei 13. Not like you had seen any of them, but you had heard many rumours. All of them were so amazing! Before long it was only a day left to the exams. You had to push yourself very hard especially today. Many had praised your persistent attitude, so you didn't want to let anyone down. Another day training alone, when your friends were drinking and having fun. You were annoyed."What I have done to deserve this?!" You shouted alone in the forest and smashed another tree on the ground. "I HAVE to make it..."You felt even more frustrated and annoyed, and your reiatsu jumped up. What was this? Your reiatsu had never been this high and strong. That had been hidden inside you all these years, and you never were good enough to find it?"W-what is this power..?" You whispered so quietly that your lips barely moved. "Maybe... I can.. make it?"You looked at your zanpaku-tou. Did it cause this feeling? Had it heard your wish? You held it tight in your fist. You were going to make it. Definitely. You wouldn't fail the exam, you trusted your sword."Kagetsu...With your help we can do it..." You gently said to your zanpaku-tou. It glowed a bit. You were surprised even yourself when you had said your zanpaku-tou's name. You never had done it before. Then you walked back to your residence, hoping for the same miracle in the exams.The day of the exams started by that you overslept."No! I'm late soon!" You agonized and quickly dressed and grabbed your sword. You practically had to fly to the exam place. Anyway you were slightly late."Miss Takei, why are you late?" One of the teachers asked you."I.. Overslept... I apologize..." You replied still huffing."This is problematic... Well, I'll just take couple points from you as a start then." You were about to strangle him. Minus points were JUST that what you needed... Crap. "Better start now. First there's a test of combat."You were still pretty burned out from the running, the teacher saw it and made you go first. That son of a ***** always did that. Punished from tiny mistakes and accidents."Firstly, DOES any of you possess a shikai?" Gosh, who wouldn't you thought. Who were you to say anyway. You just reached it the other day."Tsukinukeru, Kagetsu! (Pierce through, Bright moon)" You called out your shikai. It was a blade in a shape of a half moon. The rest of the combat test went perfectly. You had no mistakes or any other screwing up. They at least seemed impressed. You were proud of yourself. Everything had gone smoothly. You glanced at the judges. First there was some of your teachers, and two captains. Oh god, oh god, captains had arrived to the exams?! Byakuya Kuchiki of the 6th squad and Hitsugaya Toushirou of the 10th squad. Hitsugaya's gazing pierced you as you stood in front of them."Not bad miss Takei." Byakuya said barely looking at you."Good." Hitsugaya muttered looking directly at you. What had you done to him??? Then he turned to your teachers and muttered something and he was pointing at you. Then he left. Your other tests weren't so impressive, but you passed. When you were told you can leave, you left without any regret of showing up today."I did it!" You thought as you were heading to the residence. Finally after a while of walking you got there. There was someone waiting for you."Are you Umi Takei?" A woman asked you. She had a vice-captain badge of the 10th squad. She had a pink scarf on her shoulders and she looked quite carefree. She walked to you and smiled."Y-yes I am miss vice-captain!" You answered her. She gave you a nod and placed her hand on your head.."Perfect, nice to meet you Umi-san. I'm here by the order of my captain." She grinned."Your captain?" You asked her pretty astonished. "Why, miss vice-captain?""He wants you to join the 10th squad." She said sounding more formal. You joined the 10th squad what so ever. One day you were training near Seireitei and you slashed a building to the ground (by accident of course). So you were told to clean all the toilets as a punishment! (Do shinigamis need to go? Well, if not they are just for penalties! *evil grin*) So you were brushing the long row of toilets with a toothbrush. It had been all day... And the punishment wasn't placed by your captain! The 12th division captain, Mayuri, told you to do this. You can't tell a captain to f-off though... You were waiting for your captain to come and say you don't have to. But he didn't. He probably didn't know, or care, maybe both."Why me? It was an accident!" You cried when you were moving the toothbrush weakly."I know you didn't do it on purpose, 5th seat." Someone called behind you. You knew that voice. And there was only one person to call you '5th seat', your captain Hitsugaya Toushirou."T-t-taichou..." You muttered, you were so embarrassed. Brushing toilets that don't exist and with a toothbrush..."That idiot Mayuri was laughing at you in the meeting, sooo I kicked his ass. He looks better as an ice statue... Nobody mocks my squad." Hitsugaya added looking at you. "Put that toothbrush away and come with me.""H-hai... taichou..." You answered leaving the toothbrush on the ground. Mayuri could clean his toilets by himself.You followed your captain with much difficulty. He was so fast... and you just 5th seat..."?" Hitsugaya had seen all your huffing on the half way. "I didn't expect you to get tired this easily 5th seat""I... umm..." You were embarrassed twice this day. That's too much!"It's okay, I'll slow down." He said smiling. His eyes were so beautiful..."T-thank you captain..." You weren't used to talk with your captain this much, and you were always nervous around him."Soon there!" He said more coldly, jumping from roof to roof.You were clearly going to his office. Haha, he always had those mountains of paper there! You had been in that room only once before, when you brought him more papers to fill. You stopped at the door and he told you to come in."Hi taichou!! <3" That had to be Rangiku-san. She was always so energetic... But not with paperwork. "Who's that girl, taichou? Oh I get it! I will leave you two alone!"She seemed to recognize you still, after all the years passed."Matsumoto!!!!" Hitsugaya yelled when she was gone already. He sat behind his paper mountains. You were giggling. "What's that funny, 5th seat?""N-nothing at all taichou!!" You said quickly and stopped giggling immediately."So... I didn't invite you here to punish you. Or if you think a date with me is a punishment that is...""T-taichou... Don't play with me!" You said looking completely serious."I'm definitely not playing with you, Umi." He said, calling you by your name the first time!"Taichou... I don't know what to say!""Maybe if you just say yes, or do I get you back to work with the toilets?" He said grinning."That's not necessary taichou!" You said and even thinking of those stinky toilets made you sick. "Yes I will come with you taichou!""No need to address me as 'taichou'. Please just call me Hitsugaya." He said. You didn't know what to say. Everybody except some vice-captains had to address captains properly. "So, tonight at 10pm. Meet at the Soul Society's gates.""S-sure! taich - H-Hitsugaya..." You mumbled and walked out of the room. You were sure that you had seen a happy smile on his face behind that paper wall. It was 9pm. You couldn't wait! Your captain invited YOU to a date, that was too good to be true. And he was so cute... No idea where you would go, or what would you do, you made your way to the gates. You had left your sword to your room. Now it was 9.45pm and it would be a bit chilly in real world. If you were going there. But you were so happy! Like a dream come true. Finally Hitsugaya was there. You felt like you had been waiting there forever.."Hello Umi." He said when he came to you."Hi, Hitsugaya..." You answered him. You were so nervous..."So, shall we go?" He asked with a grin on his face."Sure!" You said and smiled.You walked through the gates to real world, it really was cold in there. He seemed to enjoy that, and you didn't care about the cold breeze at all. He took your hand and you were going somewhere. Jumping on the roofs. After a while you got on top of a big building."So, what now?" You asked curiously."Just watch."There was fireworks! Beautiful, multicolored fireworks. Humans were firing them. Were they celebrating something? Maybe."So gorgeous!" You gasped."Isn't it? But you're more gorgeous than any of those rockets..." He said with a quiet voice."A-am I?" You asked embarrassed."Yes you are, Umi. So beautiful..." He didn't seem to make a move on you, so you did that yourself. You leaned to hug him tight and said:"I love you taichou..." You said that and he blushed. So much."Don't address me 'taichou'!!" He said and then took a tight hold of you."Okay then." You said looking happy as ever."So... Umi... What do you think if you were my girl from now on...?" He asked finally."Yes yes I will!" You answered hugging him even tighter.You were sitting and watching the fireworks for a long while and came back to Soul Society. As you walked with your captain, you saw Mayuri gazing you two from a distance. You felt like laughing.That night was the most wonderful moment in your life. You rose to the 3rd seat, and now you did some of his paperwork since Rangiku was loafing around when she should've done it. Rangiku-san and you are the best friends! You and Hitsugaya were such a cute couple! Now you weren't nervous around him anymore. He was the only thing you had hoped for...Happy ending!!!! ;DDDD
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Result Posted on 11/18/07:
Yeah i wub him!

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What Humonculi Are You?
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Result Posted on 11/13/07:
...yay kanda!@

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What D.Gray-man Character Are You?
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Result Posted on 11/12/07:
Wow thats akward...

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What D.Gray-man Character Are You?
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