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Friday, June 12, 2009

   Miss Me?
iM bACK! And ready for anything!~ Well maybe not aaaaanything, but you get it. Im here to start a new with myO site. So my first theme will feature the anime Soul Eater. (Mainly showing off Spirit/Death Scythe-sama.) And showing off myselfs as Chisato Taki. For starters. So a pic of me:
Pink Haired Anime Pictures, Images and Photos

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

1. Which type of gourd is used like a sponge for scrubbing and cleaning?

2. Which West African deity probably is the origin of the word "zombie"?

3. What French physician is known for his prophesies in the book Centuries?

4. In the Northern Hemisphere, which star is known as the dog star?

5. Which is a study of snakes: herpetology or ornithology?

6. Which of the following carpentry tools is classed as a hand tool: hammer, pneumatic nailer, or radial arm saw?

7. Florida and Russia both have a city called Saint Petersburg. Which is located on the Neva river?

8. Which scientist first launched a liquid-propellant rocket: Wernher van Braun or Robert H. Goddard?

9. Which international capital was once known as Edo?

10. Which shark is considered the largest fish at about 49 feet long?

11. Which mathematician was at work earlier in history: Archimedes or Pappus?

12. In the past, which of the following have been constructed through skilled basketry: armor, coffins, skyscrapers, bells or sails?

13. Which stock exchange outside the United States trades more shares of stock than the other: London or Tokyo?

14. Which of the following gemstones are cabochon cut: aquamarines, turquoise, diamonds, opals, star sapphires?

15. Art critic Louis Leroy coined the term "impressionism" from painting by which artist: Cezanne, Degas, Monet, or Cassatt?

16. During the administration of which president did the United States expand to the Pacific Ocean through the Oregon Treaty with Britain?

17. Which mineral affects muscle contraction and cardiac function as well as human bones and teeth?

18. Which type of cloud is usually seen with summer thunderstorms: cumulonimbus or nimbostratus?

19. Which type of drum has adjustable pitch: tenor drum, snare drum, or kettledrum?

20. Which type of saw is meant to cut metal: dovetail saw, compass saw, or hacksaw?

21. Siam was, at one time, the name of which present-day country: Iran, Japan, Korea, or Thailand?

22. Which type of warship was oar-driven: galley or galleon?

23. Which color of a rainbow is always along the inner edge: blue, green, violet, or yellow?

24. Which type of sword has a triangular blade: epee, foil, or sabre?

25. Which bone connects the hipbone to the tibia in the human leg: femur, humerus, or scapula?

26. Which stringed instrument is a type of long-necked lute: banjo, bass viol, or sitar?

27. Which dance form was popular first: bossa nova, jitterbug, or lambada?

28. Which specialist would treat the eye disease called trachoma: oncologist, ophthalmologist, or ornithologist?

29. Which two volcanoes are still active on the largest Hawaiian island?

30. Which famous philosopher was the founder of biology?

31. Which American artist and filmmaker created art based on Campbell's soup cans and Coca-Cola bottles?

32. Which famous Brazilian soccer player came out of retirement to play for the New York Cosmos?

33. Which of the following breeds of cattle are raised strictly as dairy stock: Brahman, Ayrshire, Angus, Guernsey?

34. Which pope called together the First Vatican Council to affirm the doctrine of papal infallibility?

35. Which World War II general was nicknamed "Old Blood and Guts"?

36. Which famous international award is announced annually from Stockholm,. Sweden?

37. In 1911, which American automobile producer challenged the Selden patent and caused the industry to adopt a policy of cross-licensing patents?

38. Which poetry meter consists of two unstressed syllables followed by a stressed syllable and sounds like a trotting horse: iambic, trochaic, anapestic, or dactylic?

39. Which type of triangle has all three sides unequal: scalene, right, or isosceles?

40. Which type of hat was popular for men to wear in the 1700s: henin, tricorn, or wimple.

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Monday, March 3, 2008

Hey guys I know it has been a while but I don't get much time right now...I got to go do somthing else...anyways...^^ heres a video:


This is the right one...:

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

This is the subject of my boredom...^^

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hnnn what do I feel like today...hyper...tired...yeah the usual! ^^ I have come up with an gewd nickname...it is FKR! ^^ I found it out by calling a tall Fkr...well hes like...6'1 no joke. I am short Im only 5'6 or am I 5'4... T^T Roy is like 5'8 only 2 inches, Ha I am that short anymore but that makes Roy a short man... yeah today is basicly random day...for me every wednesday is random day! ^^ ok heres a vid:

A lil tribute to Eny-sama. I think he deserves it. ^^ Love you all bye!


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Monday, February 25, 2008

Good Evening you night owls alike me tonight. LOL PS its almost 11:30PM for me here so I call you guys night owls...^^ Anyways today was alot of fun I got my volume 7 of Loveless and I read it all the way thourgh already. ^^ I am greatfull of shikaki she is always soooo gewd at finding themes for our characters...^^ I am listening to one of them now...Its called -Alone;By:Marques Houston feat. Omarion- Its a really gewd song... ^^ Heres the video of the day:

LMFAO! I love that song. ^^ Its called 'Grace Kelly;Mika' for those who wanted to know. ^^ Well I think its time for me to sleep. I love you all!!!


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Sunday, February 24, 2008

^^Hey buddies! I am really happy today.I bought the second book to Backstage Prince and 5 and 6 to Loveless ^^ I am also now charing my iPod. I got to go to HotTopic today and I got a jacket made by TRIPP. I have a pair of pants by them and a backpack...^^ wow....I used my 125+ dollars today to buy 2 FMA books and the other 3 manga books today. I found this hilarious video...its called Happy Brithday to Roy Mustang...lookie it:

LMAFO I love this video and song. My mom said if sang to this the right person they would commti suicide...LOL I still love it. I found some really kawaii refrence pictures of RoyEd to draw RoyxShikari...thats sounds funny doesn't it.... I mean yes I love yoai but I like my OC couples too. I am gonna look for some HavocRoy for shikaki....I mean as refernce...^^' don't get comfused...LOL I use Roy as a refernce for her and Ed as a refernce for me...but we have a friendship more like Hughes and Roy....LOL....try to guess who I am more like...Leave your guess in you're comment... alright I love you all ^^ Talk to you soon.


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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hey people. Its my second day in a row of being sick. I have been throwing up if you didnt know. Anyways I have been compleatly bored and I decied to update today. I have been drawing very little because I have beenhaving this huge artist block. I am also moving really soon here, Its sucks prety bad that I don't get to sleep in more like this when I'm helthy. ^^ Anyways heres a funny video:

LOL Anyways I am rly bored and I am gonna sleep later...and maybe....take a bath so yeah....ok ttyl

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Heya people finally got the internet hooked up at the place I have been staying at. LOL Anyways today I am gonna add a pic to my fanart. Hope you guys will go check it out. ^^

Heres a real pic of me:
What do you want

LOL I am a smexy bithc LOL Anyways love you all! Byez I will put up some pics later with my eyeliner. ^^ LOve you!


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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Morning fellow Otaku's I am in a good mood this morning and I hope you are too. LOL I am probablly the only one of my friends on though. Soooooo yeah...I am gonna go find a camera later so I can upload some pics. I made a me in Gaian form....lookie:

HEY! shikaki look at this I found this:
Me and Sephiria

lol me and you FMA form....lolz. Here is are song also:

Welps thats it for the day and here are some pics for you Rayre-chan!(Me:blue...Rayre-chan:Pink):

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