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Friday, March 10, 2006

Nuttin much happened today, i got a few updates on the site and a few more new friends ^_^

But since i dont really have nothing to say except i think i screwed up the english test i took today ^^; iul introduce you to my character Shiruri. alll these pics are edits in Paint shop pro 9. ^^;

If you want info contact me through aol aim or yahoo 0-0

*Please note these are more or less not common pics of Shiruri Katsue, she is actually a tomboy and ninja in the inuyasha stories of mine she keeps her hair in a ponytail and is well VERY sarcastic ^^ cept round Naraku 0-0 yes naraku hehe thats my little twist to my story shes his kiddou (not reincarnation)

Shiruri and Sesshoumaru

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Shiruri and Sessy pic 2

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Our (One of Me an Sesshie's) Kiddou's X3 *nope kids aint happened yet X3*

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The Shiruri for a different Fanfiction. also an edit X3.
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He he *hugs*

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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

   I'm Back!
Yay, I finally get to return to you guys. I havent really changed cept ive taken up a love for writing ^_^. I dont really have much time to post today owever cause of two tests in the moringing and im updating the look of my site ^^;.

And for those who are still good friends.
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