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Thanks AnimeFire03 for fixing my site, and adding stuff too!^^ your the bestes friend it the world, And don't forget to comment and sign my gb! :P



Tuesday, August 28, 2007

wow it has been so long since i have posted i will try to post and vist more sorry school and all now but i will try at school now later then

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

well today i got ungrounded from the pc so i now will be a round to vist sites
I hope you all had a good day i eat lots today now im stuffed
well on saterday my church had this thing called fan the fire and thats when i got my bf and on sunday we went to the moives but now he hasnt called me and its now thrisday T.T
So I had this up in my last post but i only got 2 people (thanks LS and animefire03) but i need more to see what the most liked anime and manga is so plez let me know

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Friday, November 17, 2006

   hi all

i am so sad i am grounded off the pc i have been for a long time but i am on at school because i am done with my work and i am sooooooo board. so how have you all been i miss talking to you all and visting your sites as you can see my site has changed agine thanks to my bestest friend in the wrold kayla (by the way thanks for the pm kayla it was very funny)
i hate school almost every night i have about six houres of homework to do. so im going to take a vote
what is your favoret anime and manga and the top two will be put to a vote to see who is the better anime and manga so let me know
byes for now i will vist as soon as i can sorry about that
sb2b or

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