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Thursday, May 20, 2004

   Marik Ishtar VS Sesshomaru
I need help on who I should love more Marik or Sesshomaru?I am so in love with Marik right now but I still cant get over of loving Sesshomaru they bouf are so HOOOT!!!Someone please HEEELP MEEeee!!!!
Well heres a little story that I made up of Marik and Sesshomaru fighting each other over me lol.

Sessh:Who are you?

Marik:I am your woerst nightmare "MArik Ishtar".

Sessh:Fehh...Your nothing but a human.

Marik:Prepare to go to the Shadow Realm!!!Mwaaaahhhahahhaha!!!1

Sessh:??????Shadow Realm????????

SesshTaisho:Well well what do we have here to cuties.

Sessh:Wow what a hottyy!!!

Marik:She would be a perect slave to have.

Sessh:Shes mine!!!!

Marik:Here try my Milleniumm Rod for a change.

Sessh draws out Tokijin and attacks Marik.

SesshTaisho:Hmmm..strong and brave^_^

Marik uses the Millenium Rod.

Sessh:How peffetick of you.


Sessh and Marik strike at each other and they bouf manige to hit each other,and then they fall down on the ground and get injured.

SesshTaisho:Ohhh No!!!!you por guys.

Sessh:I am alright

Marik:Me to


To Be Continued...

Well thats all for now you guys please tell me what you think.

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